Onesumore: Netflix Sitcom ‘Country Comfort’ Season 1: Plot, Cast, Trailer & Netflix Release Date

Country comfort hits Netflix in March 2012

Netflix is ​​bringing southern charm in March with the release of its latest sitcom series, Country comfort. We’ve got everything you need to know about the upcoming original, including the plot, cast, trailer, and Netflix release date.

Country comfort is an upcoming Netflix Original comedy-comedy series created by Caryn Lucas. At its output, Country comfort will be the 20th original sitcom released by Netflix.

Other than The ranch, Netflix has struggled to find major success in its sitcom series. So I hope Country Comfort finds that winning formula that Netflix needs for the genre.

When is the Country comfort Netflix season 1 release date?

The first season of Country comfort will come to Netflix on Friday March 19, 2021.

There will be a total of ten episodes, all of which will be available to stream upon release of the series.

Each episode will last approximately 25 minutes.

Netflix Sitcom Country Comfort Season 1 Plot Cast Trailer and Netflix Release Date Poster

What is the plot of Country comfort?

After her personal life goes off the rails and her career suffers a huge setback, budding young country singer Baily takes a nanny job for rugged cowboy Beau. The previous nine nannies have struggled to deal with Beau’s five children, but the addition of Bailey fills the mother-like hole that is missing in their lives. Beau’s talented family may also be just what Bailey needs to get her back on the path to stardom.

Who are the actors of Country comfort?

The following cast has been confirmed for the first season of Country comfort:

Role Member of the cast Where have I seen / heard them before?
Bailey Katharine McPhee Smash | The house rabbit | Shark Night 3D
Handsome Eddie Cibrian The cave | Third watch | The sun setting on the beach
Brody Jamie martin mann Wolf
Dylan Griffin McIntyre The return of the Mac
Levi Alexander Neher Grey’s Anatomy | Birch | Timeless
Lilly Brooklyn mackinzie The truth be told | Purple
Already Kirrilee Berger One dollar | KC Undercover | Just add some magic
Cassidy Shiloh verrico Crown Vic | Language Franca | Tangled
Boone Eric Balfour Haven | Six feet under | 24
Summer Janet Varney The Legend of Korra | Drillbit Taylor | Catwoman

Will Country comfort be available to broadcast in 4K?

Netflix launches the vast majority of its new originals with the ability to stream in 4K. Run off Country comfort in 4K, you will need a premium Netflix subscription, a 4K device, and an internet connection capable of maintaining 25 Mbps.

Are you excited about the release of Country comfort season 1 on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below!


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