OBC Full Form

OBC full form Other Backward Classes (OBC) is a collective term used by the Government of India to classify socially and educationally disadvantaged castes. Other Backward Classes (OBC) may be a collective term used by the Government of India to classify castes as educationally or socially disadvantaged groups. The Indian central government classifies some of its citizens on the basis of their social status into Registered Castes (SC), Registered Tribes (ST), and an Other Backward Class (OBC).

OBC full form

OBC is one of the many categories of the Indian caste system. The employed caste is a sub-community in the Hindu caste system. Due to its low status, it has always faced deprivation, oppression and extreme social exclusion in India. According to the 1950 Constitution (Registered Castes), only marginalized Hindu communities in India can be classified as registered castes. Due to special rules on castes and planned tribes, the remaining classes are called other castes/backward classes.

In the Indian Constitution, OBCs were described as a backward class in the social and educational field. OBCs have 27% reserve in education and public sector employment.

The OBC-category backup allowance was granted by the Credentialing Commission in 1990 on the recommendation of Vice President Singh’s government. In 1990, on the recommendation of Vice President Singh’s government, the Credentials Commission granted the right to participate in the OBC class. Recently, this category has been provided with up to 27% reserves in government positions, educational institutions and many other state-owned enterprises across the country.

Social organizations tend to lag behind socially and educationally as compared to upper castes or general class. OBCs constitute 42% of the population, while 27% of the reserve is provided to individuals. OBCs constitute 42% of the population, while only 27% are reserved.

According to a 1980 Market Commission report, OBCs were found to cover 52% of the country’s population, and when the National Organization for Sample Surveys was formed in 2006, it was set at 41% . According to the 1980 Mandal Commission report, 52% of India’s population belonged to the OBC caste.

OBCs/OBCs were included after the recommendation of the Mandal Commission set up in 1979. The full form of OBC is Other Backward Classes. Registered Tribes Registered castes, economically underdeveloped classes and other underdeveloped classes benefit from the system of government reservation, promotion, legislature and scholarship. Thus, the government has set aside reserves for public sector employment and higher education to augment them. The National Commission for Backward Classes was established in 1993.

Upgraded caste is a term used to describe a caste system that is socially and economically ahead of the rest of India on average. Those who have not got reservation they have to qualify for OBC/ ST/ SC candidates competition. A tribe that mainly belongs to the lower classes or who have been expelled from the city.

People in this class get breakdown due to age in public office. And for those who belong to OBC category and attend school or university. Admission in good colleges or universities requires less restrictions than the general category.

OBC is a very popular term, it is also called another category of backward, many castes are part of it. OBC is a very popular term, it is also called “another backward class”, it is used by many castes. You may also be interested in some related terms related to OBC to know more.

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Nominating a guardian while completing OBC means the profession of your guardian, which your guardian carries out for his living. The Indian Constitution depicts OBCs as a regressive class in the social and educational sphere. As a result, the government has reserved jobs in the public sector and higher education to promote them.

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