Ordinary Joe Season 1 Episode 8 Return Date: Prepare For ‘Reset’

Ordinary Joe Season 1 Episode 8 Return Date: Prepare for ‘Reset’
Ordinary Joe Season 1 Episode 8 Return Date: Prepare for ‘Reset’

Let’s start by noting that unfortunately there’s no new episode next week – it’s the first intermission of the short season! That gives the production a chance to stay ahead, and maybe that gives viewers a little more time to get involved. Ordinary Joe is definitely still in a position where it needs every eyeball it can get; the ratings haven’t dropped too much over the season, but we do think it’s definitely on the bubble.

Fortunately, this first hiatus won’t be an incredibly long one; for now it seems Ordinary Joe will return on Monday, November 15 with a new episode titled “Reset”. See the synopsis below for more details:

11-15-2021 (10:01 – 23:00) (Monday) : Music Joe struggles to support Amy during a devastating loss. After Officer Joe and Amy decide to report Bobby, they both receive an unexpected backlash. Sister Joe helps someone from his past. Jenny tries to impress her law professor.

While we’ve found the storytelling of this show fascinating so far, we think there will be constant questions about how long the format can last. Since these are three different scenarios, the challenge of balancing them all becomes when viewers will have their individual favorites. Also, each of them will only have so much time to shine. We can imagine there are enough logistical issues to keep this show working week after week.

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