Onesumore: ‘Pajanimals’ & ‘Sid the Science Kid’ Leaving Netflix Globally in March 2021

Two Jim Henson PBS series are currently slated to leave Netflix by the end of March 2021 in most parts of the world, including the United States, Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Both Sid the Science Kid (consisting of 40 episodes in total) and Pajanimals (consisting of 26 episodes) will both leave Netflix on March 30 or March 31 depending on the region you live in.

Sid the Science Kid, which began airing in 2008, follows a curious young boy who tackles the tough questions he asks through science.

Pajanimals, which also began airing in 2008, follows the various puppets exploring the world through songs and friendships.

Space Racers, ViR: The robot boy and Robocar Poli are also expected to leave Netflix in late March.

Either way, Prime Video is also streaming both series, but it’s unclear if both will be leaving this service.

Much of the content can be found on YouTube, however, we believe the shows will eventually land on PBS’s own streaming platforms.

The move comes as PBS is slowly removing its content over the past several years, including the majority of its documentary library, in favor of its own ways of distributing its content.

It’s worth noting that Netflix could renew the contracts for both shows, but history suggests that won’t happen. It was last year when Netflix lost Splash and bubbles by Jim Henson who left in August.

The good news is, you can check out Jim Henson’s other creation, The dark crystal on Netflix as the single season of Age of resistance. It also might not be a coincidence that Netflix’s own puppet show aimed at tweens is about to be released. released later this month in the form of Waffles + Mochi.

Will your kids miss Pajanimals or Sid the Science Guy when they leave Netflix? Let us know in the comments below.


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