Peaky Blinders Movie: Release Date And Star Cast Everything We Know About Its In Production In 2023

Peaky Blinders Movie: Release Date and Star Cast Everything We Know About Its in Production in 2023
Peaky Blinders Movie: Release Date and Star Cast Everything We Know About Its in Production in 2023

In January 2021, the official news had arrived that the sixth season of Peaky Blinders would be the last, but that the history of the Shelby family would continue with a new “episode” in the form of a feature film. Series creator Steven Knight confirmed at the British Film Institute London Film Festival that shooting for Season 6 is nearing completion and new episodes are scheduled to air around Spring 2022, while the film goes into production. in 2023, as mentioned in Variety’s interview. Although the film is still a long way off, we can already gather the first information about the plot, characters and future of the franchise.

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Peaky Blinders Movie: Story The Plot

When it was announced that the sixth season of Peaky Blinders would be its last, Steven Knight said that while Covid has partially disrupted his plans, his main idea has always been to end the story with a movie, but what is it about? It’s too early for an official synopsis, of course, but we can get an idea from the statements made by the members of the production. Both BBC executive producer Tommy Bulfin and Knight himself have revealed that the film’s scripts and concept for the sixth season will provide a satisfying conclusion to fans of the series and its protagonists.

While it is not known what will happen in the sixth season finale, the series creator had previously stated with conviction that he always knew the starting and finishing point for Peaky Blinders: the Birmingham bookies series. would in fact have covered the entire period between the two great wars, so it is very likely that the film will focus on the second world war .

The future of Peaky Blinders after the movie

There’s no official news about Peaky Blinders’ future after the film, but even in this case, we can venture hypotheses that always rely on Knight’s official statements: when he announced the latest film, the series creator revealed that the film will be “the end of Peaky Blinders as we know it

This most likely implies that the film will keep the same style, the same themes and even the same characters from the series, but it is also an indication of something else: the possibility of one or more spin-offs. The story of the Shelbys will therefore end with the feature film currently in pre-production, but this does not necessarily mean that the film will be the final farewell to the world of Peaky Blinders, which is likely to evolve. just to something else.

Star cast: who will return from the series?

Since the Peaky Blinders movie coincides with the ending of Tommy and family’s story, it’s easy to guess that the actors in the series will also be reprising their roles for the final act. Interviewed by Digital Spy after the announcement, some of the lead actors gave their thoughts on the possibility of returning for the film.

Paul Anderson, portrayer of Arthur Shelby, though initially hesitant about the idea of ​​a movie, eventually embraced it and stated that he would consider it if the script was as interesting and detailed as that of the series.

Find Cole (Michael Gray) commented on the idea of ​​the film, saying Peaky Blinders lends itself well to the big screen as the series brings the same cinematic quality to TV. Even Harry Kirton, who lends his face to little Finn Shelby, spoke enthusiastically about the possibility of a Peaky Blinders film because he puts a lot of faith in Knight’s work and also because it would be interesting to see the protagonists’ changes in the distant future. to follow .

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