Acne on the body of a child can also cause eczema- Image / pexels-subham-majumder

Acne on the body of a child can also cause eczema- Image / pexels-subham-majumder

If there is acne on the child’s body and it doesn’t heal for a long time. So it shouldn’t be ignored altogether. Because it could also be Eczema. Know about it

Eczema in Children: Acne often appears on the body of children, especially during the summer. There are many reasons for this such as weather changes, anemia, weakened immunity, iron deficiency and using chemical based products on the skin. Due to this acne, the child may experience problems such as pain, burning, fever, and swelling. Often times people use home remedies to cure it. However, if the pimples remain in the child’s body for a long time. So you should not ignore it because it can also be Eczema. Come on nbt It was printed in the report that was printed on it, we knew it.

This may be the cause of eczema

There are many causes of eczema in children. Use of products such as chemical powder creams, lotions on baby’s skin. Reaction using any soap. Experiencing viral and bacterial infections. This problem can also be caused by exposure to dust, dirt and grime or from wearing synthetic clothing. Often someone at home also experiences this problem due to eczema problems.

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Identify eczema this way

A red rash is seen on the cheeks, elbows, knees and back of the child. Rashes are common on the ankles, neck, and wrists. Puss and blood coming out of pimples. Swelling is seen in areas of acne and rashes and spreads to other parts of the body as well. So it’s best to contact a doctor without neglecting this.

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Be careful this way

By the way, after showing the baby to the doctor, it’s best to just follow his advice. But for some reason if you can’t afford to take your child to the doctor. Until then, a precaution that you can take is to bathe the baby without soap. Don’t apply things like shampoo and oil to the body. Dry your body lightly with a cotton towel. Do not apply anything like lotions, creams and powders to the body. Dress the child in loose cotton clothes. Continue to bite your baby’s nails. Wash and clean the toys. Keep the bed soft and dry. (Disclaimer: The information and information provided in this article is based on general information. Onesumore does not confirm this. Please contact the relevant experts before applying.)



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