Medicinal Plants at Home: The second wave of the Corona virus has shaken the people of the country. People were locked up in their homes to avoid this. Given this corona tsunami, it is mandatory to wear a triple layer mask, clean hands repeatedly with soap and hand sanitizer and apply social distancing. It is very important to maintain strong immunity to avoid infection. Nowadays, people consume various things to strengthen their immune system. For every minor health-related problem, once in a while you should try to adopt home remedies. Therefore, if we put some medicinal herbs in our homes, then this can be a panacea for many of our ailments. Many types of plants and herbs have medicinal properties. In addition, like drugs, they have no side effects. This plant is proven to be very good for maintaining health. If you rely on natural methods, then there are several medicinal plants that have extraordinary healing properties. This herb has been used since ancient times for its beneficial properties. Let’s find out what plants are. Also read: Know the weakened immunity of these symptoms, it is also important to prevent Corona TulsiThe tulsi plant is present in almost every home. Eating tulsi leaves not only increases immunity but also relieves colds and colds and coughs. Drinking Tulsi tea also prevents stomach problems. Many times, rubbing basil leaves on small, fat wounds also heals wounds. At the same time, eating basil leaves with honey expels phlegm from the body. Tulsi plants fill the positive side in the house. Tea tree The oil extracted from the tea tree is very good for the skin. They can cure acne, water fleas, minor wounds, dandruff and insect bites. However, check for allergies before applying it to the skin. Tea tree oil can also work well as a hand sanitizer. It is also a pest prevention. It can act as an antiseptic for minor cuts and scrapes.
Lavender This fragrant purple flower oil has antistress properties. It also improves cognitive abilities and helps you get better sleep. This oil can also control blood pressure levels. Apart from that, it also relieves stress and tension. It is said that applying it at home makes a positive impression. Chamomile It can help you deal with anxiety, stress, insomnia and cancer, but it is important to have an allergy test before using it. It is said that it is also very good for the hort. However, please consult a doctor before using it regularly. Evening Primrose This flower oil is good for multiple sclerosis sufferers. It can also help you deal with PMS, skin conditions, menopause, diabetic neuropathy and blood pressure. Also read: ‘Tulsi Stew’ Will Succeed in the Corona Era, Everything Remains Under Control from Immunity to Sugar Levels Ginkgo Biloba It is used in homeopathic medicine. They can treat stress, inflammation, anxiety, depression, and many types of eye problems. It is said that they can also control blood sugar levels and aid in faster bone healing. Not only Ginkgo biloba leaves, from the branches to the roots can also be used. (Disclaimer: The information and information provided in this article is based on general information. Onesumore does not confirm this. Please contact the relevant experts before applying.)



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