Experts have advised patients to do 'breath holding exercises'.  Image / shutterstock

Experts have advised patients to do ‘breath holding exercises’. Image / shutterstock

According to experts, people recovering from corona have been asked to take complete precautions and take special care of their health even after 6 months. In addition, they are also advised to do breath-holding exercises.

People who have recovered from Covid-19 infection must be very careful and careful even after six months. According to many studies, the corona virus infection affects the lungs of patients the most. In this situation, the risk is greater within 6 months. This virus weakens the lungs of infected patients. In such situations, they are more at risk of serious physical problems. In this situation, the patient must take special care of his lungs. You can protect your lungs by taking a few precautions. Breath holding exercises are important According to some studies, even after six months of disease detection, the risk of death does not decrease in mild cases of Covid-19, as it increases with the severity of the disease. Itself Au According to reports published by experts, Corona patients with less severe symptoms have been asked to take special precautions. In such situations, it is advisable to do ‘breath holding exercises’ and has been asked to continue for at least six months. How to do the breath-holding exercise has been described on their behalf. This is very easy. This is prevented by breathing in the mouth. If you can hold your breath for 25-30 seconds, it can be concluded that your lungs are healthy. Also Read – Positive Corona Avoid Food To Get Well FastPay special attention to food and drink According to experts, people who have successfully recovered from the corona should be careful even after recovering, because patients who have recovered from the infection may have ‘pulmonary fibrosis’ problems even after six months. In ‘pulmonary fibrosis’, there is shrinkage of the patient’s lungs. In such situations, this exercise should be done to maintain healthy lungs. In addition, even after recovering from the corona, the patient should pay special attention to his food and drink. For this, avoid eating chili sauce.



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