Actor Rajinikanth has been admitted to Hyderabad hospital after his health deteriorated. The veteran actor is said to be suffering from a blood pressure problem. He was taken for treatment due to excessive fluctuations in his blood pressure. A bulletin was issued by Apollo Hospital regarding Rajinikanth’s health, which recently announced the formation of a political party. The statement released by the hospital said, ‚ÄúRajinikanth was admitted to the hospital this morning.

For 10 days, he had been shooting a film in Hyderabad. Some people also came out positive for Corona on the set of the movie. Rajinikanth underwent a corona test on December 22 and the report came back negative. He had since isolated himself and was under surveillance.

The hospital administration said Rajinikanth was not positive for Corona, but the fluctuation in BP was much higher. In such a situation, they need treatment. The hospital takes full care of his health. Once the blood pressure is normal, they will be thoroughly tested. They have no problem other than blood pressure. Let me tell you that Rajinikanth was shooting for the Tamil movie Annaatthe in Hyderabad. Recently, filming on the film was halted after the crew found 8 positive corona members.



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