Rakhi Sawant, currently a member of Bigg Boss-14, got emotional on Friday and had tears in his eyes. In fact, Rakhi became emotional after reading the letter from her husband Ritesh.

This time around at Big-Boss, everyone was given a Christmas-themed task, in which everyone in the household was to become letter carriers once. During this time, the letter from the competitor’s family member was to be delivered to him. Rubina was to become a postman in the last round of this task. Rubina completes this task and sends Rakhi the letter from her husband.

After that, Rakhi got emotional while reading this letter and looking at the camera, she said to her husband, “Please take time for me outside of your busy schedule. could find love. I know you give me love. You can. I love you very much. “

Will Rakhi Sawant’s husband Ritesh also be part of Bigg Boss 14, read more

Rakhi Sawant married businessman Ritesh in July 2019, but only the photo of her wedding was released to the media. There was no picture of her husband Ritesh, Rakhi said she did not want to reveal Riteish’s identity.

Let me tell you that recently Rakhi Sawant’s husband revealed in an interview that he will soon enter Bigg Boss 14 as a candidate to support Rakhi. Ritesh said he previously told the show’s creators about his desire to be a part of Bigg Boss-14. It confirmed its availability as early as the first week of January and is now awaiting a response from the creators of Bigg Boss.

Speaking to The Times of India, Ritesh said, “I told the creators of Bigg Boss that I wanted to be on the show as a nominee and they are working on it. They wanted me to come in at Christmas, but I was busy with my job and couldn’t go to the show. I asked them to let them know a week in advance, because if I have to enter the house, I have to sort out some things before entering. “



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