New Delhi In Bigg Boss 14, contender queen Rakhi Sawant, who has taken an entry as a home challenger these days, is in the news. Rakhi greatly entertained the audience. In addition, he shared many stories from his real life. Recently, Rahul Mahajan had related that Rakhi’s father beat her during her childhood because of dancing, which is no longer in this world. Married to her husband, but she has not met him for over a year. Mothers are always sick. This is why Rakhi has become very lonely in her life, so she wants people to talk to her, to be with her. Now, Rakhi herself has told Rahul Vaidya another secret from her life in Bigg Boss’s house, which is very shocking.

Rakhi showed the stitches on his body and said the reason was his maternal uncle. Speaking to Rahul Vaidya on the show, Rakhi said that his maternal uncle used to beat him, due to which he has stitches on his body. Rakhi said that she was no longer alive but that it was after being beaten. We weren’t even allowed to stand on the balcony and wax. There were many restrictions in the house concerning women. Rahul was surprised to hear this. When he asked if his dad was doing this too and how could his mom get help.

Rakhi said that women cannot talk much. The women of the house did not speak. A lot of connections came for me but I was a dancer so everyone left. People think of me as a dancer, so the character won’t be right. During this time, Rakhi appeared extremely moved. Rakhi also said that many people run away as soon as they hear the name Bollywood. Rakhi asked the question of whether being in Bollywood is a crime or being a dancer? Let me tell you, Rahul Mahajan said earlier that Rakhi didn’t even celebrate a honeymoon with her husband.



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