New Delhi These days in Bigg Boss 14, the Challengers are having a great deal of anger at home. Among them, Rakhi Sawant entertains the audience the most. But in recent days, she has fallen under the mark due to her bad tongue. While Rakhi laughed a lot on the show, she also abused abuse. However, this behavior of Rakhi only concerns members who do not like them. Including Nikki Tamboli who is the target of Rakhi. But Nikki’s mother has taken over Rakhi in the past, after which the controversial Queen’s husband Ritesh has now appeared for the first time.

They all know that Rakhi’s marriage has now become a puzzle. Her husband Ritesh has so far hidden his identity from the world, but it will happen for the first time when he has appeared. According to Spotboye, Ritesh told him about his wife. In which he openly expressed his favor. Ritesh not only supported his wife Rakhi, but also blamed Nikki Tamboli. Apart from that, Ritesh also expressed his anger on Nikki’s mother.

According to media reports, Ritesh said that what is wrong with what Rakhi said? Nikki has never brought a girl around, but vice versa. Rakhi hasn’t said anything that looks dirty on the show. Ritesh fully supported Rakhi, but he himself apologized for mistreating her. Please say that Rakhi told Nikki to take the men around and tie a knot with them.



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