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Rashmi Rocket Movie Torrent Magnet Rashmi Rocket (2021) is an Indian-Hindi sports drama directed by Akarsh Khurana, produced by Ronnie Screwvala, Neha Anand and Pranjal Khanddia. Zee5s Rashmi Rocket is a Hindi-language film about a small-town runner named Rashmi Veera who, at the height of her athletic career, is forced to undergo a sexual test.

Zee5s Rashmi Rocket with Taapsee Pannu, Supriya Pathak, Priyanshu Painyuli and Abhishek Banerjee traces the ups and downs of Indian athletics and the experiences of its many women. Directed by Akarsh Khurana, the film explores the issue of gender testing in sport and how the system does not protect the athletes who are exposed to it.

With random vocals, choreographed dance, comic background music, cinematic dialogues and melodrama, Pannus’ film tells the story of a woman who is robbed of her identity, publicly shamed and sexually abused by men.

Rashmi Rocket Movie Torrent Magnet

the director Akarsh Khurana
written by conversation:
Kanika Dhillon
Akarsh Khurana
Aniruddha Guha
Lisha Bajaj
the script is Aniruddha Guha
Kanika Dhillon
by story Nanda Periyasamya
Produced by Ronnie Screwvala
Neha Anand
Pranjal Khandaria
starring Taapsee Pannu
cinematography Neha Parti Matiyani
edited by Ajay Sharma
Shweta Venkat Mathew
music by Amit Trivedi
rsvp movies
Mango People Media Network
distributed by sea ​​5
release date 15 October 2021
running time 129 minutes
Country India
Language Hindi

Rashmi Rocket intends to bring a story inspired by real events in the world of track and field athletes. It raises questions and maintains the conversation about these questions till the end, which makes the film commendable and worthwhile.

The latest Rashmi Rocket, directed by Akarsh Khurana, stars Taapsee Pannu and is inspired by the story of sprinter Dutee Chand, who was disqualified from winning a race due to high testosterone levels in her body.

It follows athlete Rashmi Veera’s turbulent journey from a village in Kutch to becoming an Asian champion when she is ruled out by high levels of male hormones in her blood and subjected to humiliating sex tests. This statement is the tone of a Rashmi Rockets film about an athlete who, in his quest to the top, runs a string of peer envy, institutional patriarchy and archaic gender testing.

A Kutch girl named Rashmi (Taapsee Pannu) meets Captain Gagan (Priyanshu Painyuli) who inspires her to run as fast as possible and become an athlete.

The film about an athlete who, in his quest for the top, falls prey to peers, jealousy, institutionalized patriarchy and archaic gender tests, shows how a spirited cat can be captured by Kutch and her beloved parents (Supriya Pathak and her beloved). parents) have the right to their peaceful childhood. Manoj Joshi), who encourages her to throw her face in the air and run heartily.

Father Manoj Joshi and mother Supriya Pathak teach about him and help him earn the nickname “Rashmi Rocket” for fastest sprinter. The way Taapsee Pannu gets under the skin of her character with her perfect athletic body and manners on the pitch is what makes Rashami rocket.

Indian athlete Dutee Chand’s shock comes to mind when you see Taapsee Pannu playing the story of Rashmi Veera, who runs through the national and global sports industry and is dropped from the Indian team due to the same biological reasons that made her do so. stopped from

Rashmi Rocket Movie Torrent Magnet Leaked Online News

There is no other way to see Rashmi Rocket in a challenging commercial format than through Rashmi Veera (Taapsee Pannu), who defies the stereotypes that come to mind in a conservative society that gives women the most testosterone.

Like the stories of Olympic gold medalist Dutee Chand and other superstar athletes, the film is inspired by director Akarsh Khurana, who is not content to reveal the horrors of the system that has harassed him for years through the archaic practice of gender testing. and disturbed.

Khurrana’s sincere enthusiasm gives rise to questions that have not been addressed in Hindi films. Stereotypes hinder girls’ “fame, false patriarchy and unfair welfare systems, and the way in which girls from small towns cross social barriers to become national athletes, falter and get caught up in ugly controversies to pass gender tests.” Goes.

Written by Nand Periyasamy, there is no doubt that the original idea of ​​Rashmi Rocket is from the story of Tamil athlete Shanthi Sundararajan.

Choorana and screenwriters Kanika Dhillon and Anirudh Guha have the right intentions and write a story about a small town girl who overcomes all social barriers with an honest approach to become a national athlete.

A point of contention in Taapsee Pannu’s upcoming film Rashmi Rocket is whether she will be able to take her camera to show the torn muscles. From the beginning till the end of the second hour, the actress tries her best to keep the film focused on herself and her film selection. Personally, I liked the film and as a sports fan, I really liked the film.


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