Rumors About Venom 3 Release Date, Possible Storyline And Everything We Know

Rumors about Venom 3 release date, possible storyline and everything we know
Rumors about Venom 3 release date, possible storyline and everything we know

Venom: Let There Be Carnage, directed by Andy Serkis, has crept into theaters, delivering another horrifying perspective on the evil side of Marvel Comics. While reviews of the sequel are mixed, a strong box office pull and numerous pending storylines have neatly sown the symbiote seeds for the inevitable Venom 3. In case you weren’t sure, the huge post-credits stinger confirms that there’s a third will be Venom movie.

Release date rumors

Unfortunately, Venom 3 will most likely be a few years away (ie 2023), if a threequel is green lit. It’s unclear what’s going on with the Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters, but with each addition we’re getting closer to full integration with the MCU and its Multiverse. Venom used to have his own franchise, but he is joined by some unfriendly comrades.

So far, we’ve got Daniel Espinosa’s highly anticipated Morbius, Aaron Taylor-Kraven, Johnson’s, and potential adventures for everyone from Madame Web to Spider-Woman. Things will get much more complex if the SPUMC (terrible name) collides with the MCU, and we can expect casualties, just as numerous Fox projects were canceled when Disney bought the company.

In addition, there are persistent rumors that a solo Sinister Six movie is on the way. Whether it’s a full-fledged comeback for Alfred Molina, Jamie Foxx and Willem Dafoe – with Hardy and a few others – or something that comes after Morbius with Jared Leto and Michael Keaton, Venom will undoubtedly be included in the cast.

Importantly, the Multiverse is positioned as an ongoing storyline for the MCU. Keep in mind that the Infinity Stones have covered the previous three phases, so don’t expect it to be a one-off deal. Whatever happens to Eddie and the Multiverse, the post-credits scene makes no mention of anyone other than a desire to become a reporter and his symbiote making the jump into the main MCU. It makes sense that they would finish all the remaining cases before returning to their own story in Venom 3.

Rumors about Venom 3 release date, possible storyline and everything we know

Since the Multiverse story will presumably continue until at least Jonathan Major’s return for Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, Venom 3 will likely arrive after February 2023. Despite the fact that it’s only been three years since Venom and Let There Be Carnage, Disney and Sony are wading through a slew of additional storylines all connected to a much larger world. Fortunately, all indicators point to that smooth symbiote and its human host living a long and prosperous life in the Venom Verse and beyond.

Potential storyline

Let There Be Carnage was an accurate recreation of the fan-favorite Maximum Carnage plot, despite its flaws. The film’s conclusion hinted at Mulligan’s transformation into Toxin, defeating Carnage and Shriek before the credits were released. Graham typically played strong, and while he’s not formally named as Toxin in the credits, Mulligan takes that role in the comics. Mulligan’s eyes blazed blue the last time we saw him, and he was talking about monsters – hey, Toxin for Venom 3.

While it’s unclear where the story will go next, Serkis has hinted that he will return for more. When asked if the Plague of Toxin and the other stories are headed for something bigger, he told, “100%.” I mean, I think the Venomverse has a lot of potential for very intriguing trips before the inevitable comes.”

It’s also too enticing to avoid a showdown between Venom and Spider-Man/Spider-Men. Each of these three actors, be it Holland, Maguire or Garfield, can easily take on Venom in a third solo performance. The symbiote hive consciousness seems to be aware of who the wall-crawling hero of the Netherlands is, based on the post-credits sequence.

Who’s going to cast?

Since Venom 3 is just a rumor at this point, it will be difficult to secure the film’s cast. While Tom Hardy has yet to sign on the dotted line for a third installment, there’s plenty to lure him back. Notably, the film’s post-credits scene neatly positions Hardy’s Eddie Brock for a more permanent role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In other news, it’s past time for Venom to give Michelle Williams as She-Venom. The actress only had a cameo in Let There Be Carnage, but when the first film was released, she stated that she wanted to explore more of Anne Weying’s alter ego as the equally insane She-Venom.

Stephen Graham’s Patrick Mulligan is another prominent figure expected to make a comeback. The Depressed Investigator was one of the film’s other sob stories, though his ending hinted at a bigger role in Venom 3. But we’ll get to that later.

Woody Harrelson’s Carnage and Naomie Harris’ Shriek seem to be coming to an end — unless there’s an inventive method to keep your skull from getting bitten off and crushed by a church bell (respectively).

New A-list recruits can easily play symbiotes like Maniac and Scream, while comic book aficionados are no doubt wondering where the symbiote’s inventor, Knull, is. Finally, there are requests for Joe Manganiello to reprise his role as Flash Thompson from the Raimi-Verse. In the comics, Thompson is another unlucky soul who gets caught up in the symbiote drama, and he was connected to the original Venom as a new creature. Tony Revolori plays Flash in the MCU, but he seems too young for the character, so Manganiello would be a wonderful connection to the madness of the Multiverse.

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