Onesumore: Russo Brothers’ Netflix Movie ‘The Bluff’: What We Know So Far

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Netflix is ​​developing another big-budget action drama in upcoming period film The bluff with Zoe Saldana. The film is produced by Anthony Russo and Joe Russo, known for their record-breaking and highly acclaimed Marvel films: Captain America: Winter Soldier, Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame.

In the case of The bluff, Netflix had to fight a bidding war with other streamers to secure the film because it was in high demand. In the end, Netflix won and according to Deadline, spent seven digits to secure The bluff and the engagement of writers.

The Bluff will be directed by Frank E. Flowers (Swallow, the warrior’s path, Haven) and will be co-written by Flowers with Joe Bellarini (The ropes, my little pony: the movie). The Russo Brothers will produce the film for their production company AGBO with Zoe Saldana’s sisters, Mariel and Canned Saldana for their company Cinestar Pictures.

What will be The bluff wear on?

The description of Netflix The bluff and its direction was revealed via Deadline in February 2021:

The drama is set in the Cayman Islands in the 1800s and Saldana plays Ercell, a Caribbean woman whose secret past is revealed when her island is overrun by vicious buccaneers. The intention is to blend visceral action and historical fiction to create a true vehicle of action as the heroine battles the atrocities committed by pirates. There are strong roles for a second woman who is part of the vigilante campaign, and the main villainous pirate.

With this description, we can imagine an intense female-led action movie with big budget sets and interesting storytelling. Maybe something like that Pirates of the Caribbean meets John wick.

Who is thrown The bluff?

Zoe Saldana 7 2

guardians of the galaxy and Avatar Star Zoe saldana will lead the cast of Netflix The bluff, as reported by Deadline in February 2021. In fact, the film would be written as a featured vehicle for Saldana. She will play the character named Ercell, a Caribbean woman whose secret past is revealed when her island is invaded by vicious buccaneers..

What is the state of production on The bluff?

Current state of production: Redaction (Last update: 02/27/2021)

The pitch for Netflix The bluff has just been picked up by the streamer and the scripts are being written, so no production date has been set for the film from February 2021. We expect that to change in several months.

What is the release date for The bluff?

With no production dates in sight, we can with certainty rule out a 2021 release date for The Bluff. A 2022 release date would make more sense, but 2023 is also not impossible given that the film is described as being very action-packed.

We’ll keep you posted on this headline over time, so bookmark this page for the latest news.


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