Mumbai. Former Bigg Boss contestant and singer-dancer Haryanvi Sapna Choudhary gave fans a wonderful gift. Sapna shared the photo of her son (Sapna Choudhary Son) on social media for the first time. Some fans can see this image and some congratulate them.

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Open rule on Karva Chauth
Sapna Chaudhary kept this fast of Karva Chauth. He shared photos on social media during the rapid opening night with the moon sighting. Her husband Veer Sahu was also seen in these photos. Many fans were shocked to see these photos. Her shock was also reasonable, as many fans were unaware that Sapna had married.

This is how the marriage was revealed
Sapna’s marriage was also revealed in a very dramatic way. It happened that in October of this year, the news of Sapna becoming the mother of the first child began to surface. Many fans began to attack her personally and accused her of becoming a childless mother. Meanwhile, Sapna’s husband Veer Sahu has come forward openly. Veer revealed all the secrets in a Facebook Live. Said they got married in January of this year. The public announcement and the grand ceremony could not take place due to the death of a loved one. At the same time, Veer also searched those who called Sapna good and bad. She also shared the good news of Sapna and the birth of her baby.

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Sapna has reached silence
While some of Veer and Sapna’s fans mingled, Sapna neither shared any posts on social media nor spoke in front of them. She continued to spend time with her child. After that, Sapna had shared photos from her wedding on Karva Chauth.



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