Bollywood actress Sara Ali Khan has forged her own identity in just two years. His work in films is appreciated. Sara has known how the industry works since she was a child, even though she says she doesn’t believe in fame.

Sara said, “I don’t want fame.” So far, I haven’t used the word Fans, the word Star. I don’t believe in all of these things because the stars of the stars change every Friday. I think your intention is the only thing that matters. ”

“Your intentions matter, and somewhere it’s your strength, your passion and your passion, that counts.” Apart from that, everything keeps changing and will change.

Recently, Sara spoke about her Bollywood debut with her brother Ibrahim Ali Khan. In an interaction with E-Times, Sara Ali Khan spoke about Ibrahim’s good sense of humor. He said: “Ibrahim’s humor is quite interesting. My only advice would be to just be a versatile person. I think the film is a good deal and I will feel very lucky to be a part of this industry. If he needs advice on playing or whatever, there are plenty of people in the family that he can talk to about things. There are a million times better actors and stars in the family than me.

Sara Ali Khan further says that I don’t think my status has arrived yet so I am giving advice to someone, but I will definitely say that it is very important to experience different things in life. Whether it’s studying, traveling, talking or testing people, these things are very important. That’s the only thing I would tell him. He has parents and many people who will tell him what to do.



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