Sarkari Teacher Kaise Bane – सरकारी टीचर कैसे बने ? पूरी जानकारी

Sarkari Teacher Kaise Bane – Everyone wants to be something or the other in their life, it is the dream of everyone, that they can show this world by doing something in their life. That he has stood on his feet today, I hope you have a dream to become something, and what do you want to be, it will be known only after your search on Google or reading this post from any other source. It has been that you have the desire to become a teacher, it is a matter of pride to be a school teacher, because you will have the future of many students in your hands, which you can make bright.

Being a teacher is a matter of great pride. Teachers are highly respected in our country. So in today’s post we are going to know that how to become a government teacher Today we are going to give you complete information about this. That what you have to do to become a teacher, where you should study, what is your qualification, we will know about all these things.

Sarkari Teacher Kaise Bane – How to become a government teacher? complete information

You can do your preparation to become a teacher, or you can do your course only after doing your studies till class XII. Nowadays, you can become a teacher in many different types of schools, that is, if you are interested in teaching at a young age, then you can become a teacher in primary school for that, if you want to become a teacher of a big class, then You can become a middle class or high school teacher for that.

There are three types of schools in our country, where you are given different types of training to become a teacher.

1. How to become a Primary Teacher (PRT – Primary Teacher) ,

Students from 1st to 5th class study under primary school, in which if you want, you can fill the form for that, but for that you have to pass 12th with 50% marks and also you will have to do your graduation later. You have to complete your studies and then you will be given training. And when your training is completed, then you can take teacher’s job in any primary school after that, it is not that you will get its job easily, you have to give its entrance exam before training and for that You must have more knowledge. You have to do your studies well.

If you want to become a primary teacher, then you can do any graduation course like D.L.Ed, B.Ed, NTT, D.Ed for that, and after that you will have the qualification to become a teacher. .

2. How to become a Trained Graduate Teacher (TGT – Trained Graduate Teacher)?

Students of class VI to X come under Trained Graduate Teacher. Along with your graduation, you will also have to study B.Ed for this. And you have to complete graduation first for admission in B.Ed because for admission in B.Ed college you have to be graduate first, only then you will be able to become a trained graduate teacher. And by studying it, you are eligible for high school, middle school and primary school teacher.

3. How to become a Post Graduate Teacher (PGT- Post Graduate teacher)?

Under Post Graduate Teacher, you can teach students from class XI to XII. For this, you have to complete post graduation and B.Ed is also necessary, in this you will get a chance to teach a lot of standard students and for this you will be able to become a post graduate teacher. When you will get very good marks. For this you have to clear the entrance exam.

School Teacher How much is it?

If we talk about school teacher salary, then in our country teachers are given different salaries, and here we are going to talk about school teachers who teach in government schools, 9000 to 50000 in government schools in our country. Teachers are given salary up to Rs. Your salary will be according to the old teacher you become. And your promotion will also happen.

So let us now focus on what we have to do to become a school teacher.

1. First of all complete your studies till 12th

This is very important, for any job or any course, your twelfth pass qualification is sought, and for your qualification you have to first pass the twelfth, only then you will be able to go ahead and do any course. Otherwise, you will not get joining in any course, so you have to do 12th with your favorite subject, so that later you become a teacher of the subject you are interested in, like you like physics, chemistry, math, any subject more. If yes, then you should make your interest in it so that later you can become a teacher in that subject.

2. focus on your favorite subject

Every student is more interested in some or the other subject, then you must know about which subject you are interested in, and keep a hold on the subject you are interested in so that you can get into that subject. You will have more knowledge and you will also be able to teach it well. And you will also get good promotion.

3. Complete your graduation.

When you have completed your studies till 12th, then you should also do graduation studies. You cannot do any course without graduation. And only after your graduation you will be able to fill its entrance exam form. Or if you say then only you will be able to study B.Ed.

4. Apply for B.Ed course.

When you complete your graduation, then you apply for B.Ed course, B.Ed is very good for the best training of teacher, only after B.Ed course you can apply for the job of a school teacher, if you If you want to become a teacher, then you should study B.Ed well.

5. Give the entrance exam of CTET or TET.

If you want to become a teacher, then you have to give entrance exam for this, for this you have to first study twelfth and you have to complete your graduation, only then you will be able to give this exam, its exam is taken in two stages, and you have to You have to complete both the stages and get good grades, only then on the basis of your percentage you are given posting for teaching.

final thoughts

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