Onesumore: Sci-Fi Anime ‘Eden’ Season 1 is Coming to Netflix in May 2021

Netflix has had some exciting lineup for the anime in 2021, and a series we’ve been waiting for a long time to arrive has finally just had its release date announced. The Exciting Sci-Fi Animated Series Eden arrives on Netflix in May 2021, and we’ve kept track of everything you need to know about the anime, including its plot, cast, trailer, and Netflix release date.

Eden is an Original Netflix Sci-Fi animated series created by Justin Leach. The series will be directed by the famous Yasuhiro Irie, best known for having directed the incredible Full Metal Alchemist series. EDEN is a complete original series and has not been licensed from another studio. Two studios gave life to EDEN: Qubic Pictures and CGCG Studios.

When is the Eden Netflix season 1 release date?

Thanks to the release of the date announcement trailer, we can now confirm that Eden will air on Netflix on Thursday, May 27, 2021.

Eden is exclusive to Netflix and will be available to stream worldwide.

What is the plot of Eden?

Set thousands of years in the future, humanity is long gone and is occupied only by robots. But when a little girl wakes up and is raised by two sympathetic robots, a manhunt begins as the leader of all robots to maintain her idea of ​​a perfect world without humans.

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Who are the actors of Eden?

At the time of writing, only the casting of the Japanese dub has been confirmed:

Role Cast member Where have I seen / heard them before?
A37 Kyôko Hikami Pokemon: the first movie | Robin Witch Hunter | Evil zone
E92 Kentaro Ito Cafe Funiculi Funicula | From today it’s my turn | Demekin
Sara Marika Kôno Re: Zero | Overlord | Sword Art Online Alternate Gun Gale Online
Zero Kôichi Yamadera Ghost in the shell 2 | Ninja Scroll | Cowboy Bebop: The Movie

At the time of writing, an English voiceover cast has not been revealed.

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What is the number of episodes of Eden?

The total number of episodes has yet to be confirmed by Netflix, but according to MyAnimeList Eden listed four episodes. We believe that there will be more than four episodes and that there will probably be between 8 and 12 episodes.

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