Actor Shahid Kapoor’s wife Meera Rajput met fans on Instagram when fans asked her personal questions. One of those questions was: will she be a mother for the third time? In response to this, Meera Rajput responded by writing no. Along with that, he also released an emoji with laughing expressions. Along with this, Meera Rajput also answered the question of entering Bollywood in “N”. Many fans have also asked her about her food choices and favorite vacation destinations. In fact, Meera Rajput was talking to fans on Instagram as part of the Ask Me Anything session.

Meera Rajput, who married Shahid Kapoor in 2015, is a mother of two. Her daughter Meesha is 4, while her son Jain Kapoor is 2. In a recent interview with Filmfare, Shahid Kapoor recounted how Meera Rajput had problems adjusting after marriage. The reason was that he was young at the time of the marriage. Shahid Kapoor had said: “He got married very young. Then they had two children. In such a situation, he had to consolidate his dreams and desires to a great extent. Apart from that, there is also an age difference of about 13 years between us.

Meera Rajput may have refused entry to Bollywood, but it’s not that she doesn’t have the experience of facing the camera. In 2018, she acted for the advertisement of an anti-aging cream. Apart from that, she also continues to promote a lot of products on her social media page. Last week, Meera Rajput shared a photo 10 days after the birth of her son Jain.

Thanks to this, he had explained to fans how he achieved the pre-pregnancy form after the birth of his son. For that, he gave credit to a Malaysian belly rap. Let me tell you that Shahid Rajput is busy these days in the remake of the hit movie “Jersey” at the Telugu cinema. Pankaj Kapoor and Mrinal Thakur are also going to be seen in this film.



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