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Shiddatt Movie Torrent Magnet He is a loving boy who is “suffering from eternal happiness”. He tries to find Katika, the lover of his dreams, across the seven oceans, even if it means that his marriage will fall apart. Presenting himself as a weary, cynical brother, he gives up on love and becomes amused by Sonny’s antics. She is by far the most interesting character in the film, and her love story is more real than the real story we are forced to follow.

shiddat movie torrent magnet

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At the beginning of the film’s cut scene, when Jaggi stumbles upon the wedding reception of Gautam (Mohit Raina) and Ira (Diane Penty) when she is thrown out, he is so moved by the groom’s emotional speech that he makes it his mission.

His life followed his example. At the reception, Jaggi is so inspired by Gautam’s vision of love that he decides that if he ever fell in love, he would do whatever he wanted.

Jugi decides to go to the UK as an illegal immigrant in search of his love. And, as if bringing unfathomable joy to his troubled soul, he collides with the diplomat Gautam—yes, the one who inspired him with his eternal and lasting love—and asks for his advice on finding criticism.

Earlier, a romantic speech by a diplomat (Mohit Raina) about accepting his new bride (Diane Penty) made a lasting impression on Jaggi, prompting him to find Kartika and destroy the marriage.

Acting like a sane Romeo can kill Shiddat right away, so Deshmukh takes a far-fetched path.

The options are endless, especially when you can’t do any of these and instead have to spend nearly 150 minutes watching Kunal Deshmukh Shiddat, a story disguised as a novel, a social drama about borders and immigrants. Disguised as comment, the script of which should ideally be thrown in the trash. If you look closely, you’ll see that you can see them all separately like shorts, and nothing will bother you.

Technically, it is three stories in one, two stories of Sunny and Radhika before and after their separation, and one of Mohita and Diana. Shiddat is credited with three authors, and one or two of them badly scuttled the entire script. To some extent, these films have the problem of superficial writing, but it is not as intense in terms of silliness, which has its heart in the right place, but does not have enough narrative depth to justify its 140-minute duration.

Curious to see that the importance that Shiddat places on this is perhaps the weakest part of the uneven writing. Shiddat trailer narrates two parallel love stories and reveals how far people can get with the love of their life. Directed by Kunal Deshmukh Shiddat’s film, which vaguely translates to excessive passion or something to truly believe in, two parallel love stories at the same time. Shiddat (2021), which literally means passion, tells one of these passionate love stories.

Shiddat Movie Torrent Magnet Online Leaked by Tamilrockers, Isaimini

the director Kunal Deshmukh
written by conversation:
Dheeraj Rattan
Pooja Surti
Shridhar Raghavan
the script is Shridhar Raghavan
Dheeraj Rattan
Produced by Bhushan Kumar
Dinesh Vijan
starring Sunny Kaushal
Radhika Madan
Mohit Raina
Diana Penty
cinematography Amalendu Chaudhary
edited by A. Sreekar Prasad
music by Score:
Manan Bhardwaj
Gaurav Dasgupta
madak movies
distributed by Disney+ Hotstar
release date 1 October 2021
running time 146 minutes
Country India
Language Hindi

The latest film “Kunar Deshmukh” somehow used three credible actors—Sony Kaushal, Radhika Madan and Mohit Renner—to show that mentally unstable people blinded by love are more ambitious than anything else. In most other countries, such a film would be a Cape horror-style thriller, in which a young woman is haunted by the remains of a day’s shackles.

The main plot of the film revolves around how love can be a whirlwind ride for passionate young lovers. Full of gusto, shall we say, “Bollywood Romantic Tricks”.

Shiddat is a film, and everyone, especially its stubborn leader, takes it literally. Shiddat begins with a young diplomat, Gautham (Mohit Raina), recounting how he met his girlfriend Ira (Diana Penty) when he was engaged.

Jaggi (Sunny) a happy and lucky boy, inspired by the love story of a man whose marriage is falling apart, falls in love with the girl Kartik (Radhika). More than two years later he meets Kartik and finds this love, though Kartika feels the same way. When she learns that she is getting married in London, she jokes that she will end the marriage if he catches her in time. This is a Bollywood movie, so no one wastes time wondering whether they like it or not.

She does not burn with her flame which is the biggest problem of the film. Taking the opportunity, he decides to swim in the ocean and climb the mountains (for real) to see if she still awaits. The director is so infatuated with the concept that he ended his latest film Shiddat, which means unbridled passion.

The film stars Sunny Kaushal, who last appeared in Akshay Kumar’s Gold (2018), and Radhika Madan, who most recently appeared in Irrfan Khan’s Angrezi Medium (2020). It stars Sunny Kaushal, Radhika Madan, Mohit Raina and Diana Penty. The cast of this film includes Radhika Madan, Vidatri Bundy, Sunny Kaushal, Gorf Amrani, Diana Penty, Mohit Rainer and Gandalf Devon. Clutch, Elevator and Bhraman may be making headlines, but one of the most awaited new releases is the romantic drama Shiddat.

The film revolves around two couples who compete with each other to find out whose romance is emitting the most BSE (Big Shiddt Energy). The film released by Hotstar is essentially a twin love film, with one main love story forming the entire plot of the film, and the second love story taking place against the backdrop of the specified story. While many would think that the story we’re following is a love story of (at least) three years, we might instead see a couple fall in love after 90 days. The film makes reference to classic love stories like Sokhni Mahiwal, but two people who were deeply in love with each other.

The supporting novel – that of Gautham and the worker’s wife Ira (Diana Penty) – is simple, remember, the ruined marriage in Shult-Shalt (2003), with all references to Shah Rukh Khan. Gautham’s adult story is far more compelling, but it is only a small idea in the film, which combines violent love with constant camaraderie. Mohit Raina is honest as a dedicated civil servant in some places, but her act goes awry when she decides to break the code to help a man find his love.

For some reason, these jokes hit the reckless Jaggi (Sunny Kaushal), who plays so hard at parties that he swears he’ll get the love “deserved”. Throughout the film, since the fates of Gautam and Jaggi are unlikely to be intertwined, Jaggi reminds Gautam of the same speech over and over, as if it were something straight from a collection of medieval poetry (though it was actually jaggery). written in) , paulo-coelho-meat-k-pop).

Admittedly, after 50 minutes of characters pushing each other against a wall, the film ultimately lacks DDLJ context. Like most Bollywood love stories, it all starts with Juggy taking pictures of Kartik in a bathing suit without his consent.


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