New Delhi Recently, there was news from TV actress Shilpa Shinde that she called Bigg Boss 14 candidate Rahul Vaidya a fugitive. In some media reports, it was claimed that Shilpa called Rahul a fugitive. fugitive during an interview. As soon as this news spread on social media, Rahul fans began to express their anger at Shilpa. After which Shilpa Shinde came out and told the truth about it. He also spoke about taking legal action.

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Shilpa Shinde posted a video on her Instagram (video by Shilpa Shinde) in which she is seen telling the whole story. Shilpa made it clear in the video that she hasn’t commented on any Bigg Boss 14 contestants. She also said if she isn’t watching Bigg Boss how could she react.

Shilpa said in the video – Hello friends, I am Shilpa Shinde. I say I’m no Bigg Boss this time around. I am not saying anything to any competitor. People who also use my name in this way. I can take legal action against them, but please don’t work this nonsense. I don’t know anything about Bigg Boss. Shilpa also made it clear in the caption of the post that she does not have a Twitter account. There are fake IDs doing this on their behalf. Shilpa also urged the media not to publish any news based on fake tweets. This video of Shilpa is getting more and more viral.



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