Shivashakti Panel Chart

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Shivshakti Panel Chart

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The Devi Bhagavata Purana mentions three other deities apart from Saptamatrika, Shakti and other deities, who form a group of 10 matrices. Three Saptamatrix panels are visible near Shiva’s cave at Udayagiri, Bhopal. A random number from the betting staff, and if you are lucky enough to bet on that number, you will be paid more than your real money. However, they are also depicted as a group of eight, the Eightmatrix.

According to Nitisara, Matrika acted as the embodiment of the king and gave him the power to conquer and rule. Devi Bhagavata Purana mentions 2 other matrikas Varuni (Varuna Shakti) and Kauberi (Kubera Shakti). Matrix is ​​often represented in a group of seven, Saptamatrika (seven mothers).

The number of matrices is determined in the composition of the Aryan, Devanagari alphabet. The Devi Purana mentions the matrikas or deva shakti (powers of the gods) as a group or more sects, which all except the kings with powerful powers must worship for liberation (liberation).

Tantric works such as Tantraraja Tantra (date unknown, author) and Kulkudmani discuss the cult of matrikas in the form of shakti or letters of the alphabet. In the Varaha Purana, Yami – Shakti Yama is said to be the seventh and Yogeshwari – the eighth Matrika, formed from the flame emanating from the mouth of Shiva.


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