Microwave Side Effects: Generally, the presence of a microwave in a modern kitchen is considered mandatory. It cooks fast, heats food and takes little effort, but did you know that these electric sheets really make your kitchen as modern as it is dangerous for your family’s health! Yes, medical every day Famous doctor Dr. Joseph Morciola, in a report published in the journal, says that in fact, when we put nutrient-laden food in the microwave, the electric heat turns it into ‘dead food’. The water molecules in it bounce off quickly once it enters the microwave, which causes the food to heat up faster. With this process, the nutritional structure of food is changed and all its nutrients are converted into harmful elements.

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And there are still many shortcomings

It has also been revealed in many studies that regular use of a microwave oven reduces immunity. If the pregnant woman eats hot food in it, then there may also be problems with the birth of the unborn child. In addition, the risk of cancer also increases with frequent use of the microwave. Not only that, many people also complain of high blood pressure due to its use.

also need to know

Food that is heated by putting it in plastic will produce carcinogens in food that are very dangerous for health.

Microwave heat produces many toxic chemicals such as BPA, polyethylene terphthalate, benzene in food.

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In a Russian study, it was found that heating milk and the food in it reduces red blood cells and increases white blood cells. Not only that, cholesterol also becomes high. This microwave radiation affects the blood and heart rate.



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