Actor Sonu Sood has reacted after being trolled over the title of his book I Am No Messiah. Sonu Sood, who came forward to help poor migrant workers during lockdown, said he never thought of believing himself to be the Messiah even in his dreams. In fact, a section on social media harassed him for using the word Messiah in his book. Sonu Sood, who helped workers during the Corona period, is now committed to helping those in need of surgery or those who were employed during the Corona period.

Responding to people who trolled the book, Sonu Sood said, “These people are paid trolls. People really like the book. Regarding the condemnation of calling myself the Messiah, I never dreamed of seeing myself as the Messiah even in my dreams. Even I refuse my fans not to use such words for me.

Sonu Sood said in an interview with Spotboye: “I’ve always ignored negativity. This is the way to move forward towards your work of faith. I believe I was sent to earth with a purpose. I will continue my work. It is not my concern to be called messiah on behalf of anyone or to be trolled by being called messiah.

Sonu Sood said 2020 has been a difficult year. During this time, I have had the opportunity to reach millions of people and connect with them directly. During this trip, I learned a lot and achieved a lot. Regarding his book, Sonu Sood said, “I have shared my experiences in my memories. It is heartwarming that the book is not only enjoyed by readers, but also by organizations and institutions who truly believe in helping people through difficult times.

Sonu Sood came to the aid of the poor workers at a time when there was a situation of migration of lakhs of people to the villages during the lockdown. On this occasion, Sonu Sood helped people reach their destination. This effort by Sonu Sood was greatly appreciated. Let us know that recently his fans in Telangana as Sonu Sood also did Mandira.



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