SSC KI TAIYARI KAISE KARE Hello friends, in today’s post I am going to tell you, about SSC, if you prepare for civil services, then today’s article is going to be special for you, because today I am going to give you full information about it, If you want to keep information about this, then definitely read today’s post.

Friends, nowadays the demand for government jobs has increased, earlier people used to run any job, like earlier people mostly used to rely on private company for employment, but today people are trusting more in government jobs.

That is why in today’s era, getting a government job has become a very difficult task, for this you need to work hard. SSC Exams are quite popular in government jobs, if you ssc exam If you pass, you will get a good job.

ssc full form : staff selection commission

( Staff Selection Commission ,

Many students of today are not able to clear the SSC exam, because they do not have much knowledge about its syllabus, and that is why they are not able to prepare for it, and are unable to pass the exam. If you are wondering, how can I prepare for this, then I am going to tell you some things which you can follow. ssc exam Will be able to pass


Friends, full name of SSC ie ssc full form , Staff Selection Commission Which is called Staff Selection Commission in Hindi. Which we call SSC in common language. Its establishment means that it was started in 1977. The commission consists of a chairman, two members and a secretary.

The commission is headed by the chairman. The headquarters of the commission is located at New Delhi. If you are also thinking that you should also do the job of Central Government, then you can change your thinking in reality by passing the SSC Exam.

SSC is a kind of organization, which comes in the Government of India, whose job is to select the staff in the central ministry or in other departments, that is why the examination is conducted by SSC, and through the same examination, the employee is selected. are done. Friends, till now we have learned about SSC Exam, now we know that you SSC Exam Preparation How can


By the way, passing the SSC exam is not such an easy task. Many students join special coaching or institute for this, so that they can pass the SSC exam. But no matter how much they try, but they are not able to crack its exam.

If you want, that you should prepare well for SSC Exam. So you have to work hard and focus on studying regularly for that, don’t rely on others that someone will give you notes by making notes. Make your own notes and follow what I am telling you about some ssc exam crack tips today.

#1 Understand the syllabus of the exam

If you work hard, but you do not know what types of questions come in SSC EXAM, that is, on which syllabus questions are asked in it, first you should know about it and when you know Let us know what kind of questions and which book you will be able to prepare after reading here, then you have to make notes of it.

As the current affairs question comes mostly in SSC exam, then for that you have to read the book of current affairs. I have only given you the example, of the current affair. Along with the current affair, many other types of questions are asked in this, which you can see in its previous SSC EXAM Paper.

#2 Make a time table to study.

You all will know that the most important thing to crack any exam is to work hard. And also you will need a time table.

Often many students make mistakes because they do not study on time. Due to which they are not able to pass the exam quickly. That’s why Time Table is very important. If you work on time, then your chances of getting success will increase.

#3 Do not take stress of anything.

It is the mistake of most of the students that they start taking more stress about anything, so if you face any problem. So talk to your parents for its solution, because if you will not be stress free. Then you will not be able to read well. That is why do not take stress, otherwise if you take stress, then you can suffer a lot. This may cause you health problems.

How to remove stress

  • If you are getting tensed about anything, then you can listen to music. And you can freshen your mind.
  • Eat good food, take nind puri and take full care of your health.
  • Go for a walk outside in a quiet place.
  • Have some talk with friends.
  • Take care of your health.

#4 Practice Test ,

If you study hard, then you should know one thing that for whatever you study, you keep doing test practice, this will give you an idea of ​​whether you remember what you have studied, from this You will always be helped to never forget the things you have remembered.

#5 Must read News Paper, Current Affairs & Magazine ,

You should always read Newspaper, Current Affairs & Magazine to know new information, by this you will always be able to stay updated, and you should always read Newspaper to update yourself. With this, you will be able to know about what is happening in the world, country & state.

SSC KYA HAI – SSC KI TAIYARI KAISE KARE In today’s post about you, you were given many types of information in this post. We hope that today’s post SSC You must have liked the complete information about it. If you have any question related to this, then you can ask your question below.

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