The episode begins with Karthik watching Naira and the police. The carav passes downstream. Naira sits on the bench and kisses Akshu. Karthik says it can’t be, no. He’s running For some reason, he says, Carav can’t see them together. He runs downstairs. Riddhima comes over there and says the police, oh my god, Kairao is coming to get Naira and Akshu, if she sees the police… Kairav ​​comes and says, Riddhima, you know mom and Akshu are coming today, I will welcome them. He leaves. Riddhima thinks that if he sees Naira and the police together, she will leave. Karthik runs up. She hides. Carav looks at Naira and smiles. Naira is crying. He thinks mom has the police. Naira holds out his hand. She looks at the police. Keerav drops the strings of the balloon and runs towards her. He runs after her. She is shocked. He says why he caught the police, I didn’t do anything. Naira shouts Karthik. He gives the ax to Karthik. She’s going to look for Kairav. She says I have to clean everything up this time.

Karthik tells Sudha to take care of Akshu. He goes to see Naira and Karthik. The coward enters an electrical room with a danger mark. Principal Sometimes… .play…. Naira arrives in the parking lot and looks for her. He’s sitting there Karthik asks where has he gone. Riddhima asks if we’ll call him. He says no, I don’t want him to be scared. Kairav ​​remembered Gayu’s words. He sees sparks in the stars and Mom screams. He tries to open the door. Naira arrives and opens the door. Sparks. Karthik and Riddhima come there and see Naira. Riddhima says to let them go and talk to them. Said it’s not now, it’s his thing, we did what daddy and the doctor could do, now a mother will, for a mother and a son, they’ll do it. Naira goes to Kairav. He tells her to leave.


She says okay, I’m going to make that line and I won’t cross it, listen to me once, sit down. He sits down crying. She asks what happened, why are you scared, the police have come, but not for you, trust me. He asks with confidence. She said I know you think I don’t trust you, I’m so sorry, it happened to me in childhood, I didn’t trust my mother, I told you the story, I thought she hated me, not mom, she could hate her son. He calms her down. She cries and says no one hugs me and says I love you mom, I miss you, I feel guilty that you stay away from everyone because of my mistake, you didn’t push the descent, but it was my fault. She sees a shadow and asks what it is. He says the arrow. She says it’s a stick, things look different in the dark or when they’re away, it happened to me, I didn’t call the police, I know it’s not yours fault you can’t do that you are the best son in the world best brother i promise we will be best friends i hurt you so so sorry i accept any punishment i can’t not stay away from you, please Karave.

Karthik prays to Krishna ji. He says I don’t know if I have a son, but you let me meet him, you can see a mother dying to have her son, please unite them. He is crying. Naira holds Kairawat. She says really sorry, mom loves you, forgets everything, I trust you, this love will never diminish, whatever I say to myself, mom obliges you to everything. I won’t do what you think is right, Karthik is waiting outside, he has Akshu, go play with him, mom will come back if you want, otherwise I will come back. they are crying. Akshu is crying. Sudha takes him to Karthik. Teri Rahat Ke… .play…. The protector turns on the power switch. Naira hears voices and screams. Kairav ​​hugs her. they are crying. Akshu calms down and smiles. Karthik looks at him. Kairav ​​asks if you’re okay. Naira says no, you’re okay. He said, yes I know I got mad at you and you had dreams, I missed you, I love you. Karthik looks at the pink sky and remembers Kairav ​​and his first meeting. Naira takes Kairav ​​with her. they smile.


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