In today’s changing lifestyle, there are so many people who are surrounded by sadness and depression. There are many reasons for this. Some personal issues and some external work pressures and responsibilities. But for a better life, it is necessary how to avoid this tension in the midst of the hustle and bustle of life. Well, there are many different methods adopted for this. But according to a recent study, it is said that getting up an hour earlier can also help reduce stress. Science Daily According to this report published in the JAMA Psychiatry Journal, it is said that if you wake up an hour earlier, the risk of major depression can be reduced by about 23%. This way you will feel better about yourself.

Waking up early will reduce depression
This conclusion was drawn after a study conducted on 840,000 people by researchers from the University of Colorado Boulder and MIT, Harvard’s Broad Institute. In this study, it was found that there is a strong relationship between going to sleep and waking up at a certain time and this reduces the risk of depression. At the same time, according to Celine Vetter, assistant professor and university senior author, it has been said that ‘we already know that there is a deep connection between sleep time and one’s mood. We know that there is a connection between sleep and mood. We found that even an hour earlier than bedtime was associated with a significantly lower risk of depression.

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use this method
At the same time, it has been said citing several previous studies that people who stay up late are more likely to suffer from depression. For the study, published in the journal JAMA Psychiatry, it said that for this, the team turned to data from DNA testing company and biomedical database UK Biobank. For this he used a method called “Mendelian randomization”. Which helps to understand cause and effect. The researchers assessed unidentified genetic data from 850,000 individuals in this variant, including data for 85,000.



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