Tapasi Pannu, one of the best Bollywood actresses, is currently shooting her next film “Rashmi Rocket” in Ranchi. They love Ranchi’s climate. Moreover, he also really likes the traditional litti-chokha here. He mentioned it on his Twitter account. She tweeted that for the first time I’m filming in Ranchi. It’s great fun here. Ranchi is a beautiful town. The stadiums here are no less than any foreign place.

Currently, Taapsee is filming at Birsa Munda Stadium in Morhabadi. The film is a story of becoming an international actor from a common environment. Tapasi also revealed the taste of litti-chokhe via Twitter. He wrote that he liked to eat litti-chokha. It’s pretty fun. I had heard a lot, I ate it and I watched it. Really fantastic.

In the Taapsee film, Jharkhand players and those associated with the sport also had the opportunity to work. Many players ran with him in the game scene. Ajay Jha, general secretary of Union Ranchi District Kho-Kho, will be seen starting the race. At the same time, Shashank Bhushan of the Athletics Association will be seen anchoring. Everyone said it was exciting to be part of the filming with Taapsee and said it was a different experience. Still live in the playground, but will also be seen on cinema screen, never thought of. This is Taapsee Pannu’s third sports film. Previously, he showed the brilliance of his athletic talent in the eyes of Surma and Bull. After Rashmi Rocket, she will work on the biopic of Mithali Raj, captain of the Indian women’s cricket team.



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