People from all over the country have been plagued by Corona for quite a while. Because of this dangerous infection, people were locked up in their homes. Given the corona tsunami, it is mandatory to wear a three-layer mask, clean hands repeatedly with soap and hand sanitizer and apply social distancing. Nowadays, it is very important to wash your hands thoroughly. The easiest and most appropriate way to prevent any kind of infection is to wash your hands thoroughly with soap or handwash. To maintain cleanliness, especially in children, washing hands and washing children’s hands too often, be very careful when planning cooking and cooking in the kitchen. There are many such things in the kitchen, which need to be taken care of. Cleanliness is needed to prevent the corona virus. By washing your hands properly, germs and dirt will be completely clean so you are less likely to catch diseases. Use soap or hand washing and rub your palms thoroughly for 20 seconds. Hands can be washed in hot or cold water. Always wash your hands before and after cooking. Regular hand washing is essential for the health and safety of the entire family. The whole family will eat food that has been prepared in the house, so when preparing it it is very important to maintain thorough hygiene, but for complete protection from germs, viruses and bacteria, hand washing should also be done in a large area. certain way. Everyone needs to be more careful now. Also read: ‘Tulsi Stew’ Will Succeed in the Corona Era, Everything Remains Under Control from Immunity to Sugar Levels – When preparing food, wash hands before cooking and after cooking – Wash hands before eating. – If there are elderly people at home who experience limp movements and vomiting, then wash their hands before going to the house and then do the work. – Coughing after runny nose, wash your hands after touching trash and trash cans. After washing hands is done, everyone should also remember a few things while cooking in the kitchen. It is important to pay attention to several things so that the kitchen and food are completely free of viruses and bacteria. -Make sure to wear a mask when cooking food. Moreover, those who can catch the flu are not necessarily the corona virus. Wearing a mask while cooking ensures that there are no drips on the food. -No problem with buying fresh vegetables or meats to make at home as long as the necessary precautions are, including washing these vegetables properly and cooking them properly. -When preparing vegetables or lentils, wash them thoroughly with warm water. Also, cut the vegetables before cooking, to make sure they are fresh. The pot should be thoroughly washed before cooking the vegetables. – Wash hands thoroughly before pouring ingredients. Wash your hands often. If using a cutting board, clean it thoroughly. Before making non-veg, wash it off with lukewarm water. By doing this, the viruses and bacteria present in them will be destroyed. Also read: ‘Tulsi Stew’ Will Succeed in the Corona Era, Everything Remains Under Control from Immunity to Sugar Levels -Be careful not to use items stored in the refrigerator for a long time. Instead of cold water, wash the vegetables with warm water. -After cooking, clean the entire kitchen with baking soda. – Wash kitchen clothes thoroughly with warm water. According to experts, most of the bacteria are in the kitchen when cleaning clothes, because women don’t clean them properly.(Disclaimer: The information and information provided in this article is based on general belief. Onesumore does not confirm this. Please contact the relevant experts before applying.)



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