Tarsons Products Share Price Target 2022 , 2023 , 2024 , 2025 & 2030

Tarson Products share price Target Sons Products went public on Friday with a premium of around 6% over its issue price of Rs 662. So, if an investor wants to buy shares of Tarson Products, try to collect profit on the shares after the IPO.

The price seems high, and if the Tarson IPO is quoted at 750 or higher, the valuation would be very high. The shares are likely to be listed at Rs 842 with a 27% premium as compared to the IPO price of Rs 662.

Tarson Products Share Price Target

The shares were available for the IPO in the price range of Rs 635-662, which is a multiple of 22. But the IPO price of Rs 635 and Rs 662 per share of Tarson Products seems too expensive for such a small income of Rs 229 crore. Tarson Products was trading at a premium of Rs 175-180, which means that the prices have increased by 27% today.

Recently, when the IPO of this company was announced, investors from all countries are looking for Tarsan Products shares price prediction for 2022, 2023, 2025. Today, shares of Tarsan are listed on NSE at Rs 682, almost 3% above its upper price range of Rs 662 per action level.

Tarson had a 10% share in the domestic laboratory equipment market (as of FY20), which is facing stiff competition from international leaders such as ThermoFisher Scientific and Eppendorf, which operate in the country.

However, for those who have lost shares of Tarson Products in the distribution process, I recommend waiting until the market stabilizes, as a falling market may cause Tarson shares to drop to a lower price.

After trading at Rs 682 per share on the NSE, the share price of Tarson sharply rose to Rs 800, thereby hitting an intraday high of Rs 807 on the NSE. In 2023, we can see that Tarson Products stock price will increase slightly, because this company has many years of experience in plastic laboratory equipment production and doesn’t have many strong competitors. This year we can assume that the share price will be Rs 700 to 750. in between.

According to him, the demand for the company’s products is expected to increase in the coming quarters. Shares of Tarson Products continued to rally after a strong opening in the secondary market, despite heavy selling on Dalal Street amid concerns over a new COVID-19 variant.

However, it soon rose and hit its all-time high of Rs 807 on NSE, leading to over 20% listings for lucky traders who received Tarson’s shares in the award process.

Tarson Product Share Price Targets 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025 and 2030

Tarson’s products are becoming premium in the gray market, ranging from around 150 to 180, down from around 250 on the last day of the IPO.

Tarson posted 30% revenue growth in sales for 21 financial years as it overcame the revenue loss of Covid through improved advancements and new product introductions. The company has built a strong brand in the domestic market based on product reliability and durability, thereby consolidating its position in the life science equipment market.

The IPO price is almost 49.3x higher than AF21’s profit, which fully reflects the growth opportunities and high profitability of Tarson. Tarsons currently operates five manufacturing facilities in West Bengal as on 21st June and has a diversified product portfolio of over 1,700 products across 300 different products. It manufactures a range of quality laboratory products that help advance scientific discovery and improve healthcare.

Tarsens has unveiled its 2019 PCR product line, which AF22 and AF23 are expected to be fully operational by the end, and plans to fully commercialize its new facility in Panchala, West Bengal.

The IPO started very successfully with 170% listing. Moreover, the stock analyst continued to rally 20% on Wednesday and nearly tripled investors’ money in two trading sessions. For those who are wondering whether now is the right time to buy the stock, analysts are of the view that investors may refrain from entering shares at current valuations after a great listing.

The IPO, which opened on November 15-17, is priced at Rs 635-662 per share. There are also very high valuations for the company, but the company’s shareholders and IPO participants may receive 10% to 15% or more of the earnings on the day of listing.

The listing price went up by Rs 38 per share when it debuted in the market on BSE. However, the company’s share price on NSE was fixed at Rs 682 with a gain of less than 3%,” he said.

The listing price has more than doubled, so this is not the time for retail investors to chase shares. Traders are advised to try to lock in partial profit on the day of listing or follow stop loss and take profit from the listing of Tarson products. If the Indian stock market corrects in the next few days, then we can see strong returns on all the newly registered IPOs.

Consumables, which account for 61% of Tarson’s revenue, include centrifuge tubes, pipette tips, Petri dishes and vials. NSE and Nifty quotes are also available in real time and are licensed by National Stock Exchange. The share of Plastics Machinery is expected to grow to 75% by FY15 from its current single unit.

Shares of the company rose 20% on Wednesday after recording a 170% increase in its listing on Tuesday. Its net profit increased from Rs 39 crore to Rs 69 crore during the same period, driven by improved productivity and cost savings.

There were offers for sale of 84.02 crore shares as against the offer size of 1.08 crore shares. The lot size of the IPO was 22 shares, which should have cost Rs 14,564.

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