Tension Dur Kaise Kare – टेंशन दूर करने का मंत्र

Tension Dur Kaise Kare Tension ( Tension ) is the reaction of the body and mind of a person to any situation, in which the body stress hormone are secreted, which bring a person into a state of alertness, readiness, concentration and preparedness to face the challenge. Thus, stress is a state of preparedness of the mind to face situations, on the basis of which a person overcomes challenges.

In this way, stress can be said to be a positive element of life, but when this stress remains for a long time, it becomes negative. On the basis of scientific research, it has become clear that the efficiency increases up to a point with stress, but after the extreme point then it starts having an adverse effect on the body and mind and the efficiency starts to decline.

physical damage caused by stress

In such a situation, the harmful effects of stress start manifesting in the body, mind, behavior and life of the person, concentration in work starts getting affected, memory starts to disappear, the ability to make decisions starts getting dull and the work gets hampered. The tendency to avoid increases.

There may be pain in the stomach and head, loss of appetite or the person starts eating more. The person also becomes a victim of insomnia. Signs of irritability and anger are manifested in behavior or the person becomes completely isolated, but a state of delirium may occur. Psychosis like fear, anxiety, frustration, hopelessness, anxiety and depression begin to dominate. Such a person does not have the courage to face the situation

In such a situation, a person can come in the grip of intoxication and starts taking the help of pills for sleep. The energy level of the body drops, the person feels tired and the person’s efficiency drops. Gradually, its side effects in the body start manifesting in the form of various psychosomatic diseases, such as – ulcer, high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity or thinness, diabetes, asthma, migraine etc. There can be many reasons for stress in life. Broadly speaking, we can divide them into two parts: situational and psycho-situational.

what are the causes of stress

Many situations in life cause deep stress. Negative situations like separation, separation and death, separation, divorce, retirement, unemployment, chronic disease, childbirth, mutual discord, financial hardship, disruption in routine give intense stress. Along with this, accidental favors like marriage, promotion, sudden success, lottery also cause stress.

There is no direct solution to these situational causes of stress. A person faces them according to his mental capacity, with the rest of the time, their effect starts to lighten and after a time recovers from them again. Therefore, in a way, it can be called time relative stress.

Apart from such people, the internal factors of the stress associated with the state of mind are in the control of the person, which are often aggravated due to the unhealthy lifestyle, wrong way of thinking and confused attitude of the person. In such a situation, the stresses of daily life are mostly a product of the individual.

Poor lifestyle, lack of clarity of goals, inability to prioritize tasks, chaotic routine, over-ambition, unnecessary rivalry, jealousy, hatred, etc., make life prone to negative stress and make it burdensome. By correcting these, a person can increase his ability to overcome stress. In this context the following things can be taken care of for stress management

Tension Dur Kaise Kare – Mantra To Remove Tension

Poor lifestyle, lack of clarity of goals, inability to prioritize tasks, chaotic routine, over-ambition, unnecessary rivalry, jealousy, hatred, etc., make life prone to negative stress and make it burdensome. By correcting these, a person can increase his ability to overcome stress. In this context, stress management ( Tension Dur Kaise Kare ) the following points may be taken care of

find the cause of stress

(1) Review the cause of tension, get to the bottom of it. After understanding the reason, then by taking small steps try to overcome it.

do your work regularly

(2) Give proper place to diet, sleep, rest and exercise. A diet that does not stimulate the body and mind. Keep calm, stay calm. Sleep can be taken for 6 to 8 hours according to your need. Incorporating exercise in some form on a regular basis strengthens the anti-stress system.

do one thing at a time

( 3 ) Avoid multitasking , do one thing at a time ; Because many tasks at the same time cause stress, – When any work is not done properly, then the dissatisfaction of work gives rise to stress. Stress can be overcome by doing one thing at a time.

avoid mobile addiction

(4) Good company has its own importance in relieving stress. Mobile phone today has become a big cause of wrong company and stress, which can be avoided by using moderate and right unnecessary stress. The company of such positive people makes life pleasant.

try to keep the relationship strong

(5) Keep mutual relations strong. Good relations in home – family – give emotional strength. In such a situation, the person’s anti-stress ability increases and the person faces the challenges of life while laughing.

don’t be overambitious

(6) Clarity of goal makes life successful and – lack of desires – make a person happy; Whereas the tension becomes the cause of dissatisfaction with the overambitious person. gives. By reducing the ambitions, following the ideal of simple living high thinking, life can be made simple and stress free.

complete tasks on time

(7) It is advisable to complete the tasks on priority basis. This gets rid of unnecessary last-minute busyness and stressful situation, otherwise stress becomes the destiny of the person. Due to non-compliance of this rule at the time of examination, how many students can be seen shocked and upset in a tense state.

know your limits

(8) Know your limits and learn not to. It is sure that one person cannot do everything and cannot please everyone. Knowing your limitations, the art of not doing keeps a person free from unnecessary pressure and stress.

stay away from negative people

(9) Stay away from negative people. Some people are a moving box of negativity. Salute such incurable people from afar. If some behavior has to be done, then behave cautiously while fulfilling the minimum limits. Engaging with them in any form can prove to be an invitation to great tension.

take time for yourself

(10) Take time for yourself, do introspection, self-study, read inspiring literature. Due to this, the wisdom-intellect to go to the root of the tension develops and the ways to solve it are also understood. The formulas of a creative life are understood even in the midst of great stress.

Write your routine in a regular diary

(11) Regular diary writing is an effective way to reduce stress. The mind becomes lighter when the dust of the day is taken down in the diary. Because of this characteristic psychologists also use diary writing as a form of catharsis.

spend time with nature and family

(12) Together with nature is a simple and easy way to relieve stress. In the presence of nature, a person gets a calming touch. Therefore, walking or trekking in the natural environment in between alone or with family remains a beneficial experiment. The spiritual method of meditation can also be adopted to reduce stress. If there is no meditation, then the most accessible method of prayer can be tried anytime, anywhere.

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