Skin Care During Rainy Season: After experiencing the intense heat, the arrival of the rain brought relief in many ways, but due to the increased humidity and heat this season, many ailments have also started to increase. In such a climate, many types of microorganisms and fungi thrive in a supportive environment, which also causes pimples and pimples on our skin. Not only that, during the rainy season, the skin becomes oilier than before, as a result of which many problems start to appear on the skin. Now, when the country is suffering from a Covid infection, we need to be more vigilant in this environment. So tell us what to remember during the rainy season so we can protect ourselves from these fungi and bacteria. – Always wear thin and loose clothing. This will allow your skin to breathe properly and reduce the chances of infection with the skin. -Always wear well-drained and clean clothes. If sweating becomes excessive, change clothes within a few hours. Also read: The use of sugar and black pepper is very beneficial for health– Proper hygiene is required. In this case, take a shower twice, keep your hands clean for several hours, keep your nails clipped. -Do not share towels, necklaters, loofas etc. with other people. – Always wear footwear in public places. Avoid walking empty even at home. Wear well-ventilated sandals. -If you sweat a lot in your armpits and you are irritated by it, then you can use a sweat-absorbing patch. If it’s a skin rash, remember it like this Keep the affected area dry and clean as far as possible. Use an anti-fungal or anti-bacterial cream on the affected area. – Can use anti-septic powder on the affected area. Also read: If the mood is bad for no reason, then these 11 foods that must be consumed will immediately lift the mood To reduce skin irritation, itching, rash, apply an ice pack. This will reduce pain, burning sensation. Wear only thin, cotton clothing that doesn’t stick to the rash. (Disclaimer: The information and information provided in this article is based on general information. Onesumore does not confirm this. Please contact the relevant experts before applying.)



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