Onesumore: ‘The Irregulars’ Renewed for Season 2 at Netflix Ahead of Season 1 Release

The Irregulars – Image: Netflix

Ahead of its release date in late March 2021 on Netflix, it looks like Netflix has already given away The irregular a second exit. this clearly suggests that Netflix is ​​betting big on its next Sherlock derivative series.

The first season of the new Sherlock Holmes spin-off set in Victorian London is set to hit Netflix worldwide from March 26, 2021. The show has plenty of talent in front and behind the camera with Henry-Lloyd Hughes, Royce Pierreson and Aidan McArdle headlining the cast.

The irregular follows a gang of troubled teens who are recruited to help Doctor Watson and his associates solve crimes.

The first season was delayed from a production standpoint when it was put on hold throughout the pandemic, but returned to complete filming between August and September 2020.

Now clearly building on the success of the show that Netflix not only has greenlit a second season but plans to start production this summer with filming taking place in Liverpool, UK.

Tom Bidwell is attached to the second season as a writer and producer with Greg Brenman, Jude Liknaitzky, Michael Ray and Rebecca Hodgson returning to produce.

Netflix has yet to officially confirm the return of season two and will likely only do so shortly after the release of. The irregular season one at the end of March. This isn’t the first time Netflix has given a show a renewal before its premiere, it has done so with people like Warrior well, twice with Virgin River, and more recently, Bridgerton.

Keep in mind that Netflix is ​​also planning to expand further into the Sherlock Holmes universe with a slated film that we announced in October 2020 will see Ehren Kruger lead a new feature called Sherlock Junior.

Are you excited about the prospect of The irregular back for a second season?


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