Onesumore: ‘The Last Blockbuster’ Making SVOD Debut on Netflix in March 2021

The last blockbuster

The documentary on Blockbuster Video Stores, The last blockbuster will find its way onto Netflix after its PVOD debut earlier this year. Here’s what you need to know and we were also successful in getting some information from the creators of the documentary.

Directed by Taylor Morden and Zeke Kamm, the documentary seeks to recap the history of Blockbuster Video and take a look at one of the last remaining Blockbuster stores in the world.

The documentary arrives on Netflix in the US (availability in other regions unknown at this time) on March 15, 20201 as part of Netflix’s strong lineup of documentaries for the month.

Lauren Lapkus tells the documentary with many famous faces, including interviews with Adam Brody, Kevin Smith, Ione Skye, Jamie Kennedy, Brian Posehn, Samm Levine, Paul Scheer and James Arnold Taylor.

As we mentioned above, we managed to grab a quick interview with two of the people behind the documentary via email and asked them what their time was spent on the project, how the Blockbuster store is staying in COVID- 19 times and what fate could await us for Netflix and its surviving DVD service.

WoN: Can you explain to us who you are and your role in the documentary?

T: My name is Taylor Morden, I was the “ director ” of the last blockbuster, but on a movie of this size with a team as small as ours (a few days only 2 people) we all ended up do a lot of work.

Z: My name is Zeke Kamm. I’ve been a writer, television development manager, runner-up, and director all my life. A quick glance at the credits reveals that Taylor and I wore a lot of hats. I was the writer / producer of the film but depending on the day I also had to DP, direct a shoot, work on the camera or the sound. All that was needed to get the photo. When making a movie for the sake of the subject, rummaging and getting your hands dirty is half the fun.

WoN: How did you decide to sell the documentary to Netflix?

T: We always thought that would be the perfect “ironic” place for this movie to end. Netflix is ​​almost like a character in the movie. If The Last Blockbuster is the hero, Netflix is ​​a lot like the villain. So it was always our first choice. When people started to get interested in putting it on streaming platforms late last year and we saw that Netflix was on the list of potential places, it was the obvious choice.

Z: The first day we started working on the document, we thought it would be a nice irony if we could have it on Netflix. It seemed like the perfect solution given the history between the two companies.

WoN: Have you recently spoken to the folks about Blockbuster? How did the pandemic play a role in the store’s survival?

T: Like any physical store, they have to adapt to the way the world works now, luckily they have a robust online store that offers a lot of fun Blockbuster memorabilia. including our DVD movie / Bluray combo – it really helped them stay afloat during this crazy time.

Z: I talk to Sandi whenever I get the chance. She is a great person and has become a good friend. They are surviving the pandemic like they have resisted anything thrown at them. They are still standing.

WoN: Do you ever think streaming services could go the same path as Blockbuster?

T: I never thought Blockbuster would disappear, or Toys R Us or Circuit City. After making a movie about the demise of one of the biggest companies in the world, I’m pretty sure it could happen to any company. Nothing lasts eternally.

Z: Of course. It could happen. Who knows what will be the next embodiment of entertainment?

WoN: What are your fondest memories of making the documentary?

T: The first day I met Sandi and heard the story of this little store and how it went from a local mom and pop video store called Pacific Video to a successful franchise. That’s when we knew we had a movie. Also spending a day with one of my all-time favorite filmmakers, Kevin Smith, talking about movies was a real treat for an independent filmmaker like me.

Z: I think the day Doug Benson came to visit the store. He’s such a great, sweet, funny guy. And he’s spent a lot of his life on the road at Blockbusters across the country, he was really happy to be there – it embodied how we felt about the store.

WoN: What do you think about the future of Netflix’s own DVD platform which still has 2 million subscribers?

T: I hope it holds, I have very fond memories of receiving these red envelopes in the mail.

Z: I think it’s great! Something gets lost when you go from physical to digital. Not in the film itself, but in the experience. I stream most content, but there is something about grabbing a DVD from my collection and going through the process of watching a movie that way.


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