The Mandalorian Season 2 Full Episodes EP 1-8 MKV HD 720p 480p HotStar Extramovies Telegram


The Mandalorian Season 2 Full Episodes EP 1-8 MKV HD 720p 480p HotStar Extramovies Telegram

the mandalorian season 2 full download
the mandalorian season 2 full download

‘The Mandalorian’ continues to show why we should return to a galaxy, far, far away.

The second season of the American streaming television series The Mandalorian stars Pedro Pascal as the main character, a bounty hunter trying to bring “The Child” home. It is part of the Star Wars franchise, which takes place five years after the events of Return of the Jedi (1983). The season was produced by Lucasfilm, Fairview Entertainment and Golem Creations, with Jon Favreau as the showrunner.

Development of a second season of The Mandalorian began in July 2019, with Favreau looking to expand the scope of the series and introduce new characters; several characters from previous Star Wars media appear in the season. Filming took place from October 2019 to March 2020, ending days before the COVID-19 pandemic forced film and television productions to close. Post-production was carried out remotely, including the recording of the score by composer Ludwig Göransson.

The eight-episode season premiered on the Disney + streaming service on October 30, 2020. A third season was confirmed in December 2020.

“Chapter 9: The Marshal” Episode 1

The Mandalorian has been tasked with returning his burden, a child, to his people, the Jedi. He begins to look for other Mandalorians who he believes can help him find the Jedi, and is directed to a suspected Mandalorian operating in the town of Tatooine Mos Pelgo. There, he learns that there is no Mandalorian in Mos Pelgo, but is confronted by Marshal Cobb Vanth who is wearing Mandalorian armor. Vanth explains that he freed his city from the control of the Mining Collective using this armor, which he bought from Jawas in the desert. The city is now frequently attacked by a krayt dragon. Vanth agrees to return the Mandalorian armor to his people in exchange for helping slay the Krayt dragon. The Mandalorian makes a deal between the villagers of Mos Pelgo and a local Tusken Raiders clan to work together to slay the Krayt Dragon in exchange for peace between the groups. They attract the Krayt Dragon, which is ultimately slain by the Mandalorian. He leaves with Vanth’s armor, watched over by a marked Boba Fett.

“Chapter 10: The Passenger” Episode 2

The Mandalorian agrees to take a Frog Lady and her Tatooine eggs to the moon in Trask Estuary, where her husband will fertilize the eggs, in exchange for information about other Mandalorians. Due to the fragility of the eggs, they must travel at slow “under-light” speeds. During their journey, they are confronted by X-wing fighters who force the Mandalorian onto a nearby frozen planet because he is wanted by the New Republic for his role in a prison breakout; it crashes on the planet. While the Mandalorian repairs the ship, the child stumbles upon numerous eggs inside an ice cave that hatch to reveal a swarm of spider-like creatures. The Mandalorian, Child, and Passenger are trapped in Razor Crest, the Mandalorian’s ship, until the X-wing pilots find them and kill the creatures. They explain that because the Mandalorian helped apprehend his escape accomplices, they will drop the arrest warrant and leave him with a warning. Once the Mandalorian completes the repairs, the tattered Razor Crest takes off and resumes its journey to Trask.

“Chapter 11: The Heiress” Episode 3

In Trask, the Frog Lady finds her husband and they direct the Mandalorian to a local hostel where he can find information on other Mandalorians. A fisherman offers to take the Mandalorian to the others, but aboard the fishing boat, he is ambushed by fishermen who want to sell his armor. The Mandalorian and the child are saved by three Mandalorians, led by Bo-Katan Kryze. She asks for his help in seizing the weapons of an Imperial cargo ship in exchange for information about the Jedi. After boarding the freighter, Bo-Katan reveals that their main objective is to capture the ship with arms for their war effort to reclaim Mandalore. The Imperial Captain is tasked by Moff Gideon with crushing the ship, but his efforts are stopped by Bo-Katan who questions the captain about the Darksaber. He commits suicide. Bo-Katan asks the Mandalorian to meet Jedi Ahsoka Tano in the town of Calodan on the forest planet of Corvus. With the razor ridge partially repaired, the Mandalorian and the child continue their journey.

“Chapter 12: The Siege” Episode 4

The Razor Crest requires additional repairs before it can reach Corvus, so the Mandalorian and the kid make a detour to Nevarro where they are reunited with their allies Cara Dune and Greef Karga. While the Razor Crest is being repaired, the Mandalorian is shown how much has improved on Nevarro since his last time there, under Karga as Magistrate and Dune as Marshal. The final challenge they face is a remaining Imperial base on the planet, and the Mandalorian agrees to help them destroy it. They find out that the base is being used as a laboratory by Dr. Pershing to conduct experiments with the child’s blood, which has a high M. They destroy the base and escape pursued by stormtroopers on speed bikes and TIE fighters. Dune and Karga manage to stop the Speed ​​Bikes as the Mandalorian destroys the TIE fighters with the repaired Razor Crest. The Mandalorian and the child set off for Corvus, unaware that an Imperial spy has planted a tracker on Razor Crest for Moff Gideon.

“Chapter 13: The Jedi” Episode 5

The Mandalorian and the Child arrive at the town of Calodan on the planet Corvus to find the population living in fear of the town’s magistrate, Morgan Elsbeth, and his guards, including a hired mercenary named Lang. Elsbeth offers to give the Mandalorian a Beskar steel spear in exchange for Ahsoka’s murder. The Mandalorian finds Ahsoka outside of town and presents the child to her. Using The Force, Ahsoka determines that the child’s name is Grogu and that he had started training as a Jedi before the rise of the Empire. She agrees to continue her training if the Mandalorian helps defeat Elsbeth. They overpower the guards, free the citizens, and the Mandalorian kills Lang. Ahsoka confronts Elsbeth and demands to know the whereabouts of her master, Grand Admiral Thrawn. Then, Ahsoka refuses to train Grogu due to his close attachment to the Mandalorian. Instead, she directs them to an ancient temple on the planet Tython where Grogu can use the Force to decide his own fate. She also gives the spear to the Mandalorian.

“Chapter 14: The Tragedy” Episode 6

The Mandalorian takes Grogu to the ancient temple of Tython and places him on the Sighting Stone in its center. Grogu meditates and is surrounded by a protective energy field. Boba Fett soon arrives with mercenary Fennec Shand, whom the Mandalorian previously left for dead on Tatooine. Fett explains that the armor worn by Cobb Vanth belongs to him, as his father Jango was a Mandalorian foundling. The Mandalorian agrees to return the armor in exchange for Grogu’s safety, just as Moff Gideon arrives and deploys stormtroopers. Fett, Fennec, and the Mandalorian repel the stormtroopers’ attack, during which time Grogu finishes meditating and the energy field around him disappears. Gideon destroys Razor Crest from its orbit before deploying his droid Dark Troopers, who manages to capture Grogu. To honor their deal, Fett and Fennec promise to help the Mandalorian get Grogu back. They travel in Fett’s Slave I ship to Nevarro, and enlist Dune’s help in getting criminal Migs Mayfeld out of New Republic prison.

“Chapter 15: The Believer” Episode 7

Dune uses his new credentials as Marshal of the New Republic to transfer Mayfeld, a former imperial, from prison to his custody. He agrees to help locate Moff Gideon’s cruiser, but needs access to an internal terminal. He suggests a secret Imperial mining center on Morak. There, Mayfeld and the Mandalorians hijack a transport carrying the explosive mineral rhydonium, and they manage to reach the mining facility despite attacks from local pirates. They get Gideon’s coordinates from the terminal, but the Mandalorian is forced to remove his helmet in front of the others for the first time since taking his Mandalorian Oath. The couple come face to face with the old Imperial Commander Mayfeld, whom Mayfeld kills when he rejoices over the Empire’s atrocities in Operation Cinder. Mayfeld and the Mandalorian escape with the help of Fennec, Dune and Fett. Dune decides to let Mayfeld go. The Mandalorian sends Gideon a transmission warning that he’s coming for Grogu, paraphrasing a similar speech Gideon previously gave.

“Chapter 16: The Rescue” Episode 8

Bo-Katan and his Mandalorian colleague Koska Reeves agree to help save Grogu in exchange for Bo-Katan obtaining the Darksaber from Gideon and the Mandalorian considering his offer to help them free Mandalore. The group kidnaps Dr. Pershing and uses his shuttle to get close enough to crash into Gideon’s cruiser, Fett pretending to attack them in Slave I before attacking the Imperials. Bo-Katan, Koska, Fennec, and Dune fight through the stormtroopers to the cruiser deck. Meanwhile, the Mandalorian finds the Dark Troopers, defeats one of them with the Beskar spear, and throws the rest into space. He fights Gideon with the spear and dominates the Moff, making him the new rightful owner of the Darksaber. The Dark Troopers return, but they’re all destroyed by Luke Skywalker, a Jedi Grogu had contacted on Tython. The Mandalorian gives Grogu permission to go with Skywalker to complete his training. Later, Fett and Fennec travel to Jabba’s Palace on Tatooine where Fett kills Bib Fortuna and claims the throne of Jabba.



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