Tips for Reducing Mental Stress: In this era of corona, negative things are spreading everywhere. That’s why mental stress can’t be avoided. However, although this stress harms your health, it also affects your beauty. Due to stress, there is nothing wrong with your health and beauty, so it is important to try to get rid of stress. But you are better off resorting to the things listed here than medication to relieve stress. There will also be no side effects and you will feel relaxed. Tell us about this by citing media reports.

Take support from fragrances

You can use fragrances to relieve stress. This will help you in relieving your stress. For this, before taking a bath, fill water in a tub or bucket and add fragrant flower petals like lavender, rose, jasmine according to your choice. If you want, you can also add a few drops of aromatic flower oil to the water. You will feel relaxed after bathing with this water.

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Get help with music

It is better to take music aid to relieve your stress than to take medication for stress relief. You choose new or old era songs of your choice and involve your heart and mind in listening to them and not dwelling on negative things. You will also feel relieved by this.

Colorful candles will help

It was wonderful to see the beautiful, colorful candles burning. You can light colorful candles to relieve your tension. If you want, after filling the water in a decorative pot, you can put scented flower petals in it and keep colored candles in it. Also, if you spray the perfume of your choice into the room, you will feel more relaxed.

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Also use herbal oils

Scalp massage also helps a lot in relieving stress. For this, you have to massage your scalp daily with light hands with a little herbal oil. If you massage your head with the other members of the house, you will feel more relaxed. You can use Brahmi or Bhringraj oil for massage. If this oil is not available then you can also use almond, olive or coconut oil. It will also relieve stress and improve sleep quality.

Body massage will provide relief

You can also get a body massage to relieve stress. For this you can use almond oil or olive oil. If you want you can also add a few drops of aromatic oil to it. While body massage will help relieve mental tension, body fatigue will also go away. Along with this, your mood will also be good and sleep will be good too.

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