New Delhi. Beautiful and flawless skin is the first choice of every girl. And every girl uses expensive products to maintain such skin. But the effect of this expensive product is only for a short time, after that there is also discharge on the skin. But there are medicinal plants around us, with the help of which you can achieve a natural glow of the skin. It helps to clean the dirty dirt from the skin and get rid of many problems. If you want to achieve a natural glow of the skin, let us know about the herbs that you can apply on the balcony of the house.

Neem is effective on acne

In any pot, you can plant a neem plant at home. But also be careful that they don’t grow much. Neem leaf is a very good drug treatment to eliminate acne and acne problems. By grinding neem leaves and applying its thick paste on the face, it removes boils and pimples.

Basil is effective on wrinkles

The basil plant is used at home, the leaves of this plant have many physical benefits. Tulsi has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory antifungal properties. Grinding basil leaves and applying its paste to the face removes freckles and acne.

Aloe vera gel

Ailovera is called Sanjeevani Booti in Aryuveda. By removing the pulp from its leaves and applying it on the face, it eliminates skin spots, dryness, dullness and all the problems and at the same time it will help to make it glow.

Peppermint is effective

Mint extract helps eliminate pimples. Grinding mint leaves and applying its paste to the face removes many skin problems.



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