Corona infection shows its terrible appearance and quickly engulfs people. At the same time, the number of people suffering from this disease has also increased. In such circumstances, if the treatment is received at the right time, there will be an improvement in health, while the right and nutritious food is easy to digest and also for the fast recovery of positive corona sufferers. A diet rich in certain foods such as lentils, vegetables and whole grains aids in rapid recovery and strengthens the immune system of a patient with COVID-19. This means that vitamins D and C should be included in the daily diet of an infected patient. But at the same time, keep in mind that during this time, don’t take things that mean some foods should also be avoided. Avoid some foods for the rapid recovery of a Covid patient, because although they can increase inflammation, they also hinder the healing process from the initial recovery. Avoid eating fried foods Fried foods high in fat. It is true that often COVID-19 patients show a desire to fry in order to improve bad taste in the mouth. Curly tail According to experts’ reports, during the treatment period, experts recommend that patients avoid the desire to eat these fried foods. Such foods can be harmful to the body and weaken the ability to fight disease, because they negatively impact intestinal germs and also increase the risk of heart disease by increasing bad cholesterol. Also read – Ayurvedic paste made from these 5 ingredients will strengthen the lungsAvoid cold and sugary drinks If you have the corona virus, avoid consuming carbonated drinks during infection and treatment. They cause inflammation in the body and hinder the recovery process. Also avoid alcohol, as its consumption makes some drugs less effective. You can consume buttermilk or lemon juice. Processed food is harmful
Positive patients often use packaged foods when they are hungry, but such foods may be more harmful to COVID-19 patients. Processed or canned foods are rich in sodium, this can delay the patient’s recovery from the disease. In addition, they can weaken the immune system and increase inflammation. In such situations, more inflammation also puts pressure on the immune system and you can increase your risk in such situations. Therefore, don’t forget to eat Maggi, potato chips, and biscuits all this time. Just eat homemade food. Consumption of red meat is dangerous Red meat is rich in saturated fat and can increase inflammation just like processed foods; Processed meats and red meats are both rich in saturated fat, which can often increase inflammation. Whether you are suffering from Kovid-19 or not should be avoided. Instead of red meat, you can eat fish, chicken, eggs, cottage cheese and even beans and lentils for protein fulfillment. Olive oil, avocado, and fish are rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Also read – There will be no side effects after applying the Corona vaccine, consume the following foods Avoid spicy foods If you have a Covid infection, it’s a good idea to avoid spicy foods, as they can irritate your throat and make you cough more often. In general, during treatment, doctors often advise patients suffering from a cold, cough or flu not to eat spicy foods. Instead of red chili powder, you can use black pepper to add flavor or chili to your meals. Black pepper has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.



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