Everyone wants to stay young for as long as possible, but what to do about it, most people do not know. For this reason, today we have brought you some magical tips! Include them daily in your exercise routine. These will not only increase the glow of your face, but also help to remove fine lines caused by aging.

1. Close the teeth well and apply the tongue behind the teeth, draw in the air and wait a few seconds, then let the air out.
2. To reduce the double chin and strengthen the neck muscles, move your head towards the shoulder on one side, stop for a moment and come back, do the same on the other side.
3. Look up and narrow your mouth like you’re kissing someone. Stay in this pose for 5 seconds, then return to normal.
4. Look at the ceiling. Concentrate on any point and keep looking there until the eyes become watery or sore. This will increase blood circulation around the eyes.
5. Place the tip of the middle finger of both hands exactly in the middle of both eyebrows and both will exert light pressure with the first finger on the outer side ends of the eyebrows.
6. Look towards the ceiling and lower the eyes while turning the eyebrows upwards.
7. Close your eyes well for 10 seconds, then open. Do this 10 times.
8. Smile while looking up a little, then keep your index finger on the chin up and down while staying at the same stage. Repeat twice.
9. Place the fingers of both hands horizontally facing each other on the forehead and stretch them in and out, applying a light brush. Repeat 10 times.
10. Place the first finger of both hands under both eyes pointing towards the nose and make o with the mouth. After that, open your eyes and look at the ceiling for 30 seconds.



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