Know a few home remedies that will work for you.

The problem of hair loss has become a common problem. The longer you delay treatment or prevention of hair loss, the faster the hair will fall out. Due to untimely hair loss, people start to look older than their age, when the hair loss begins to grow little by little, baldness occurs. Trying home remedies to prevent hair loss before baldness gives perfect results. Know a few home remedies that will work for you.

home remedies-
Mix aloe vera and water in fenugreek powder and apply the paste to the hair for 15-20 minutes and wash the hair. Regularizing this paste will benefit. To remove dandruff, mix camphor with neem oil and massage into scalp. Massage the head with curd and lemon paste and then sprinkle it. Likewise, washing your hair with Reetha and Shikakai is good. Oil should be avoided in wet hair. Bedtime massage keeps hair healthy. Unbalanced diet, incorrect lifestyle, heredity, side effects of drugs also cause hair loss.

Grind Bhringraj Rasayana, Bhringraj Churna, Amla Churna, Mishri, Black Sesame and stop eating hair with five grams of water a day in the morning and evening. If the hair is falling out due to stress, leaving a drizzle of oil and milk on the head is beneficial.



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