New Delhi Sana Khan, who said goodbye to her acting career, is on her honeymoon these days. She, along with her husband Mufti Anas Sayied, loves very much in the Kashmir Valley. Fans love the cute bond between them as well. Sana has shared many photos and videos so far. Meanwhile, the trollers don’t like Sana walking around like this. In addition, many users also searched her husband Anas. Users started to raise many questions about Islam.

People were surprised when Sana married Maulvi. However, his fans fully supported him. Sana also ditched all celebrities from her Instagram (Sana Khan Instagram). Even Sana has yet to appear in glamorous clothes after her nikah. But trollers also complain about their style. People question Sana and her husband. Users say the two of them laugh at Islam. In Islam, women have been invited to live on screen.


One user wrote – Mufti Sahab, where in Islam it became lawful for a woman to wear a male dress. So the other user wrote – I agree because of this Mufti the name of the other Mufti will be wrong. He’s just a mufti or he doesn’t keep his wife on social media. Many people also give different advice to Anas and Sana in the name of religion.


A user wrote for Anas – You are Alim, not a movie hero. Did you point the way to Islam in Sana’a or have you strayed from it? Another user even revealed Anas to Satan. It is obvious that the images of Anas and Sana are not appreciated by the unconditional believers. Please say that Sana married Mufti Anas Syed on November 20th.



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