Common Causes of Impotence: Problems with non-stimulation or the inability to maintain excitement on a man’s private parts during close contact with a partner are known as erectile dysfunction (impotence). In many cases, this problem takes the form of an inferiority complex. There are many reasons for impotence such as – Drugs, alcohol or smoking, physical weakness, diabetes, etc. This is a common disorder that occurs in men. However, for social reasons, this discussion is always carried out with a stifled tongue. In this case, it is best to consult a doctor first. Health website Healthline But according to the report, let’s find out what factors are responsible for impotence … Endocrine related diseases: The body’s endocrine system, namely the endocrine system, produces hormones that regulate metabolism, sexual function, reproduction, mood, and more. Diabetes is an endocrine disease. The hormones used in it can cause impotence in the body. This can cause nerve damage, so sensations in the private parts stop. Also read: Menstrual blood color shows your health condition, know from the chartNeurological and Nerve Disorders: Many neurological conditions increase the risk of impotence. The nervous system greatly affects the brain’s ability to harmonize with the reproductive system. Because of this, there are erection problems. Medication also has the effect of:
Taking some medicines has an effect on blood flow. This can lead to erectile dysfunction, which is a problem with the curvature of the penis. You do not need to stop medication without a doctor’s advice, even if it causes impotence. Some of the drugs that cause impotence are as follows: -Alpha-adrenergic blockers with tamulosin (Flomax) -Beta-blockers, such as carvedilol (Coreg) and metoprolol (Lopressor) -Cancer chemotherapy drugs, such as the suppressing drugs cimetidine (Tagamate) -central nervous system (CNS), such as alprazolam ( Xanax), diazepam (Valium), and codeine-CNS stimulants, such as cocaine and amphetamines. Heart problems: Conditions that affect the heart and its ability to pump blood can cause impotence. If there is not enough blood in the man’s private parts, it cannot cause an erection. Atherosclerosis, a condition that causes blood vessels (veins) to close and can lead to impotence. High cholesterol and high blood pressure also put you at risk for impotence. Lifestyle Factors and Emotional Issues: For an erection, stimulation is very important. Sometimes it can be emotional. If you are experiencing emotional problems, it is possible that your sexual arousal will also be affected. Depression, any kind of anxiety or performance pressure can also be the cause for this problem many times. It could also be that you have never been able to get an erection in the past, then there is a fear in your mind that you will not be able to get an erection in the future. Abuse of drugs such as cocaine and amphetamines can also cause impotence. Alcohol, excessive alcohol use can also cause this problem in you.



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