Choose a moisturizer for dry skin

New Delhi. As the cold approaches, the biggest problem is more with our skin, as the cold winds during this time make the skin wet and dry. Due to the dryness of the face, the skin becomes drier than normal, during this time, we use facial cleanser, but there is no change in the skin. If you choose the right facial cleanser according to the skin, many skin related problems can be eliminated. So let us tell you which facial cleanser is best for you for the skin type –

Choose a moisturizer for dry skin

If your skin is dry, then you should use such facial cleanser if it is not alcohol free, otherwise the skin may become even drier. Choose products that keep the skin hydrated. People with dry skin do not use hot water at all to wash their face and keep the amount of facial cleanser fairly low. The gel and oil based facial cleanser is ideal for them. The cleanser is also good for removing makeup if it is oil based.

Take a foam product for oily skin

If the amount of oil in your skin is high, a facial cleansing gel or foam-based mousse will work. Products containing niacinamide, AHA, BHA, charcoal, clay are best for your skin because they play an important role in removing excess sebum. The first micellar water can be used.

Balanced product for normal skin

Normal skin is best because the effect of the change of season on these tangles is very less. But you should also be careful not to use a strong product on the face, which removes the natural hydration from your skin. Mild products and gel-based facial cleansers would be better used. They do not dry out the skin. Products containing panthanol, T tree oil, aloe vera, AHA can be selected.



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