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Uppena Movie Torrent Magnet produced this movie under the respective banners of Sukumar Writings and Mythri Movie Makers by Sukumar, Naveen Yerneni and Y. Ravi Shankar is co-financed.

The film was released on 21 January 2019 [18] Mythri Movie Makers in the office [21] [check failed] Actors Chiranjeevi, Nagendra Babu, Alla Aravind, Alla Arjun, Sai Dharam with Vaishnav Tej’s relatives. The show features Tej, Varun Tej, Niharika Konidela and others.

Uppena Movie Torrent Magnet

After Tamil actor Sethupathi chose not to voice his Telugu character, saying that his voice might not be suitable for the character, director Buchi Babu Sana hired P. Ravi Shankar to dub the character. Bookie Babu Sana directed the film and told the story in an interesting manner. The film also stars heroine Kriti Shetty and director Buchibaba Sana.

It is a complex drama in which Vijay Sethupathi plays the lead role. The film stars newcomers Panja Vaishnav Tej and Kriti Shetty, and stars Vijay Sethupathi. Set in Uppada, a coastal town in Andhra Pradesh, the film follows the life of Ryanam (Vijay Sethupathi), who wants to build a fishing boat in the region.

Then there is Aasi (Vaishnav Tej), a fisherman’s son, who falls in love with Sangeeta, who after a while responds to his feelings for her. His daughter Bebamma, also known as Sangeeta (Kriti Shetty), has a crush on Aasi (Panja Vaishnav Tej) since childhood.

The poor boy falls in love with a rich girl, and his father will not tolerate it. As a child, he falls madly in love with Kotagiri Sangeeta, affectionately called Bebamma (Kriti Shetty), and has loved her unconditionally ever since.

Uppena Movie Torrent Magnet Tamilrockers, Isaimini Leaked Online

Vaishnav Tej is also substantial in his portrayal of Aasi, and luckily, although he comes from a star clan, the film does not endorse him as a lead protagonist. To their credit, the chemistry between the two lead actors, Vaishnav Tej and Kriti Shetty, is dazzling, and both the newcomers make a strong impression throughout the film. Newcomers Vaishnav and Kriti for the most part manage to cope well with the complexities of their characters. Vijay Sethupathi is brilliant in his role as Father Kritis; This movie is very deep just because of its role.

We have seen it in a lot of movies, but the way he has shown it in the film is great. Had Uppena been sharper and less melodramatic, it could have had an even greater impact. However, the real drama deepens when you look at how society defines masculinity and masculinity.

In a sense, Uppena is the story of two characters, Aasi and Sangeeta, who chase a distant dream where the horizon seems real. For a while, Uppena researches the clichés of a wealthy man who wants to kick fishermen out of their homes, then is in danger when his daughter goes missing.

But such themes have been explored several times in Telugu over the years, and Uppena, despite its background, leaves you with an amazing sense of déj vu. In the creation of Buchibabus Uppena, the sea defines the lives of all of his characters.

Priyanka Kanouj of International Business Times asked if the story of the film was similar to the 2016 Marathi film Sairat, to which Tej replied, “Sairat is one of the most amazing films I have ever seen. That the film will do the trick.

The beginning of a change in the way masculinity is presented in Telugu films. Another news is that Netflix has announced that Uppena is coming soon. About Uppena Uppena was released on February 12, 2021 and was directed by Buchi Babu Sana. Lasts 2 hours 27 minutes and is available in Telugu.

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High Tide is a 2021 Telugu romance drama written and directed by newcomer Buchi Babu Sana. Uppena (Telugu Rush) is one such film that can spark conversation. There is a place to show something sinister, and Uppena does it while continuing to work in the field of traditional Telugu cinema. But the public must know that Uppena is a true story.

Uppena was originally scheduled to hit the theaters in April 2020 and did not take the OTT route. Check out Uppena this weekend if romance is your cup of tea, but don’t expect too much. And while Uppena feels as familiar with the rhythm as can be predicted, Buchi Babu manages to do it well while keeping the audience under control.

We can say that Kriti was the main pillar of the film because of her amazing performance. So he decided to invite Vaishnav Tej because he wanted a newcomer to the film, and he chose Vijaya Sethupathi because he wanted someone to bring the film to all over India.

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