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Vakeel Saab Movie Torrent Magnet This is one of the many mistakes that collectively helped to extract Pink’s point of view from the script. Fortunately, during the intermission, the film gets to Pink’s main idea and doesn’t deviate any further.

The film is much more poignant and engaging in the second half, where most of the classy drama unfolds. Although the entire second part is played on the pitch, the director added some extra cutscenes and good dialogue between Prakash Raj and Pawan Kalyan to make sure the hours are fun.

The mention of multiple problems and the presentation of the three girls’ case as only one of them leaves the film lifeless, and the predictive dialogue makes it all the more flat.

Vakil Sahib Movie Torrent Magnet

Lawyer Saab wants to fight the right battle, even as he turns his back on the three women at the center of the entire drama to glorify their lead actor. Shooting in Telugu for a film like Pink with Amitabh Bachchan, Taapsee and Kirti Kulhari, reprising Bachchan as a lawyer with Pawan Kalyan, is like walking on a double-edged sword.

vakil sahab movie story

After all, Vakil Saab is the official remake of the Bollywood film Pink, directed by Venu Sriram, which is touted to make it as dramatic and realistic as possible for the South Indian public. The makers have likewise said that Vakil Saab is not just a remake but the best version ever.

Three middle-class girls, Pallavi (Nivetha Tomas), Zarina (Anjali) and Divya Naik (Ananya Nagalla), are involved in a trial when one of them escapes an attempted harassment by a powerful young Vamsi (Vamshi Krishna) and his friends. The rest of the story is about how the life of the three women changed after this incident and how lawyer Satyadev (Kalyan) comes forward to help them. After this opening segment, Lawyer Saab feels the weight of expectations from a star like Pawan Kalyan as the central character in the story, which primarily tells the story of three women leading the story.

Vakeel Saab, literally meaning “Sir Advocate”, is a celebration of the glory of Pawan Kalyan and a powerful commentary on how women are valued in society. The drama takes a sharp turn after the accident, and the classroom scene and the power of the Star of Wind make it work. While Pawan Kalyan and Prakash Raj give the film their firepower, its emotional core is that three actresses – Niveta Tomas, Anjali and Ananya – bring it to the table.

Talented actors are adept at promoting women’s emancipation with their acting and bring tears to our eyes in cool scenes. The three women, Anjali, Niveta Thomas and Ananya, are well-chosen and are perfect for the roles. Three women deserve special mention because each of them have done a good job. Dialogue goes a long way in instilling a sense of respect for the female characters.

Pawan Kalyan’s presence here will be highly appreciated as such a serious subject, underlying the film’s concept of female consent, will be easily recorded for the star power of the lead actor. While the film adds a generous dose of masala to match not only the star’s image of Pawan Kalyan, but his promising political career, Vienna manages to find the right balance for the most part.

The beginning of the film shows how working women and roommates Pallavi (Niveta Thomas), Divya (Ananya) and Zarina (Anjali) live. The script makes Satya Dev the main stakeholder in the process, while Pallavi (Nivetha Thomas), Zarina (Anjali) and Divya (Ananya Nagalla) are suspended. Also, three women in Pink accidentally join the party which, in a bad turn of events, plunges them into mental hardship and legal turmoil.

Vakeel Saab Movie Torrent Magnet Online Leaked News By Tamilrockers, Isaimini

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Like the original, the director doesn’t offer solutions for girls who want to get along well with their peers. Hopefully the manufacturer will dare to identify the pros and cons.

Filmmakers need to understand that when they put a commentary-laden film like Pink into a series, it is not only about making it enjoyable for the audience, but also about maintaining social criticism in the story. Is. The director wasted no time in creating the characters of the girls, but sometimes his rush to take the story forward prevents the audience from getting in touch with the characters. After the flashback is over, let’s go back to the main story that unfolds in the girls’ lives.

The entire film rests on the shoulders of the power stars, and it is time to see how it is channeled on screen. When a big star like Pawan Kalyan emotionally supports consensus and respect for boundaries, the message will spread everywhere.

Also, the clash between Prakash Raj and Pawan in class is quite fun. Prakash Raj is very good as a criminal defense lawyer and gives serious depth to the trial. Prakash Raj plays the role of Nandji, whom Satyadev encounters in the court and manages to escape easily. To the actor’s credit, he took pleasure in the character of Satya Dev to the point that he defeated his rival Prakash Raj in court scenes.

His arguments in the courtroom sound realistic, and he does a great job of highlighting his legal aspects by drawing parallels in a social setting. Venu Sriram does a good job of adapting his character, and so far his backstory is in the first half of a foot.

As Shruti Haasan’s wife it may seem unfair at first, and in this test of patience, the film returns to how Satyadev can’t change who he is in the end, be it the protests or the trials.

As if saving all for the concerted action of the solicitor, Satya Dev (Kalyan) raises the same questions as in the original Pink. The problem is how it turns the struggle into a human rights lawyer, Pawan Kalyan, a mere ally in the glorification of Satya Dev.

However, directors Venu Sriram and Pawan also respect the main theme and idea of ​​the original film, which to say does not mean no. If the film is released in a grand manner, it will remain a merit that was able to use the famous Pawan Kalyan effectively, and hence, music written by S Taman will also play a vital role in taking the concept to the masses. publicly, with success.

Pawan Kalyan retired from cinema to politics and returned after a gap of three years with Vakeel Saab, the official remake of Pink. Pawan Kalyan’s Vakil Saab’s return is one such film that effectively works as a starship all you need to reach out to the masses.

Vakil Saab is one of the most awaited films of this year as it marks Pawan Kalyan’s return to cinema after three long years. A little more than three months after its release on April 9, the film “Pawan Kalyan Vakil Saab” will premiere on television.

A remake of the 2016 Hindi film Pink, Vakil Saab starring Niveta Thomas, Anjali, Ananya Nagalla, Prakash Raj and Shruti Haasan along with Kalyan. Directed by Venu Sriram.


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