Onesumore: Vivaha Bhojanambu Movie (2021) Cast::, Posters, Trailer, Story, Release Date

Vivaha Bhojanambu is an upcoming Telugu film. The film’s release date is January 2021. Currently, the film is in production. The film is directed by Ram Abbaraju. It belongs to the genre of wedding comedy.

Story of the movie Vivaha Bhojanambu

The plot tells the story of a young man who gets married. In the current situation, her marriage is done with few guests. Its not having a happy time during the lockdown period. Can he find a happy time with his wife?

The distribution of the film Vivaha Bhojanambu to Nitya Sree, Sundeep Kishan, etc. The film has popular Telugu movie stars.

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Actors of the film Vivaha Bhojanambu

Sundeep Kishan in the movie Vivaha Bhojanambu
Sundeep Kishan
  • Sundeep Kishan
  • Nitya Sree
  • Satya
  • Aarjavee
  • Sudharsan
  • Kireeti
  • Dhaya
  • Kalpa Latha
  • Srikanth Tyangar
  • Subbaraya Sharma
  • TNR
  • Viva Harsha
  • Shivan Narayana
  • Madhumani

Release date of movie Vivaha Bhojanambu

January 2021

Vivaha Bhojanambu teaser


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