Voxies Crypto Chart (Dec 2021), How to Buy ?, Price

Do you want to know more details about the Voxies crypto? Then this newsroom will help you get all the information.

Do you also want to trade different digital currencies? Online trading and online currencies are becoming popular all over the world. The cryptocurrency comes with immense benefits and gains. There are thousands of cryptocurrencies available; you can buy any crypto currency and start trading with it.

In this writing, we will discuss the popular crypto currency in France; the voxies coin that was recently released. The crypto currency will be available for trading soon, once it is fully launched. Let us know more interesting details about Voxies crypto.

What is Voxies Coin?

This is a 3D turn-based gaming platform on the blockchain to play and win to play for free. Voxies are directly related to traditional role-playing and tactical games. A native utility token will be used as kin game currency to purchase new weapons, armor, and other in-game items. This token works with blockchain technology.

Players do not need any experience to play this cryptocurrency, and the game and players do not need any capital to start this game.

Founders of this crypto currency

The only and new Voxies crypto The team launched has more than 15 years of experience in game development and studios around the world. Steven and Ash are the founders and co-founders, respectively, of the coin with a great team, including player ambassadors, advisors, game players, and others. You can get more details on the official website.

Price of this crypto currency

This is a fairly new project; The estimated and given price of cryptocurrencies is $ 0.200000. The price of the coin will change or be different from the original price when it becomes available for negotiation.

The Coin Statistics

The currently available statistics of crypto are mentioned here:

  • Personal Cap – $ 15,000
  • Fundraising goal: $ 6,000,000
  • Total supply of Voxies crypto – 16.73%
  • Where to buy- Binance
  • Initial public / private sale- 45,000,000
  • Total Token Supply – 300,000,000 VOXEL
  • Maximum limit per user: $ 15,000
  • Token sale format: subscription
  • Session supported: BNB
  • Hard Cap Launch: $ 6,000,000

How to buy this coin?

As we know, the coin was recently launched on the market; You can buy NFT at general prices of any NFT and then exchange it for the Voxies currency:

  • First, register in the open sea to buy this Crypto Voxies.
  • Now finance your wallet in the open sea with any cryptocurrency such as binance, Ethereum, bitcoin or dogecoin to buy NFT.
  • Find the NFT equivalent to the price round of the voxies coin.
  • Now you can store this purchased NFT in any hardware wallet and later you can exchange it for voxies currency and exchange it.

You can directly buy this crypto currency and trade it when it is available to trade, then you can trade on any official exchange with any hardware wallet.

Frequently asked questions about Voxies crypto

Q1. What is the official website for crypto?

A1. The official website for crypto is https://voxies.io/.

Q2. Are you present in the coin market?

A2. Yes, it has its existence on Coinmarketcap.


As we have seen all the details about the crypto currency, we conclude that this crypto project was recently launched. It will soon be available to trade until December 14, while you can only buy the Voxies crypto and learn more about cryptocurrencies here.

What do you think of this crypto currency? Do you have any thoughts or opinions to share? Don’t forget to share them about this crypto in the comment section below. To know the another best crypto currency to invest in 2022, visit here.

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