Onesumore: What Happened to ‘Overwatch’ and ‘Diablo’ Netflix Series?

Overwatch and Diablo – Image: Blizzard Entertainment

With Blizzcon 2021 gone, it’s still unclear whether Netflix is ​​working or is ready to release two series based on Blizzard’s biggest IP, Overwatch and Diablo. Are they in development? Let’s go back to what has been documented so far.

The two video game franchises really don’t require any introduction. Diablo is a hack and slash dungeon crawler and Overwatch is a team shooter. Both games are currently working on new entries which are Diablo IV and Overwatch 2 – we’ll get to that in a moment.

Before we begin, we must say that neither a Diablo or Overwatch The series was officially announced by Netflix or Activision Blizzard.

Where did it all start? We have to rewind the clocks August 2018 for the first mention of a Diablo series. It came via Andy Cosby (who long deleted the Tweet) who said to a question that “I guess I can confirm that I am indeed in final talks to write and present the new animated series DIABLO for Activision and Netflix. It’s very exciting and I hope for High Heavens everything goes well.

About six months later, a the trademark has been registered for the Diablo series. Around the same time, Andrew Cosby tweeted (who is still available) to tease his next project. Cosby is the co-founder of Boom! The studios that hit a first look deal with Netflix back in April 2020.

It was then two years later (February 2020) that on a LinkedIn profile of Nick van Dyk, co-president of Activision Blizzard Studios, animated series were listed for both. Overwatch and Diablo. It was the first time that a Overwatch the series was mentioned with the profile saying, “With my creative partner, I developed and sold an animated series based on Blizzard. Overwatch franchise.”

BlizzardWatch was ultimately very skeptical on existence of either series wondering why neither party has announced it yet. However, this is not entirely unusual for Netflix. They tend to keep some of their animated projects pretty well hidden until a few months before release. Look no further than the recent DOTA animated series based on the game Valve.

No smoke without fire?

While several years have passed since the first mentions of either animated series, what is going on? Well, our speculation is that these series are in development (or have been in some form or another) and it’s very likely that both will be tied to future game entries.

Overwatch 2 summer recently delayed due to a myriad of reasons including COVID-19. The aforementioned Diablo IV has officially been known since 2019 but has remained silent ever since.

So here right now we’re going to have to sit down and wait for any future announcements from both projects, but we think they’re on their way, but we’ll have to keep waiting.

Netflix and Activision have worked together somewhat in the past. Netflix adapted the video game series Skylanders which lasted for four seasons before being announced, he would not be returning for Season 5.

The good news for fans of both games is that there has been a lot of additional content to watch right now. Overwatch, for example, has north of 90 minutes of animated shorts to watch right now.

Assuming the shows eventually materialize, they’ll join a massive suite of video game IPs that have made their way to Netflix in various forms (with many more to come).

You want to see Overwatch and Diablo to go to Netflix? Let us know in the comments.


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