What is AppValley and is it safe?

Appvalley is a free alternative to the Apple store and offers products from the store. It is a unique organization that came into play in 2017. It is an alternative market application to giants like Google Play and the Apple Store. This site offers the opportunity to use many applications and games that have been removed or banned from the Apple store and the Google Play store. One such game is the fan favorite, Fortnite. Fortnite has been embroiled in a long legal battle with Apple and the Google Play store and Appvalley offers fans an attractive alternative where they can download their favorite Battle Royale game. The game is currently not available for download on either platform and players are looking for an alternative. Here’s how you can download Fortnite using Appvalley.

Download Fortnite using Appvalley

To download Fortnite using Appvalley, follow these simple steps:

  • Download the Appvalley app from the official website
  • Open the Appvalley app
  • Search Fortnite
  • Click ‘Install’
  • Please wait while Appvalley installs the game.

Appvalley Fortnite

As good as this all sounds, there is a great question to consider.

Is it safe to use Appvalley?

Since Appvalley is not a site endorsed by trusted firms like Apple or Google, players have questioned its legitimacy. While Appvalley was previously accepted as a safe app, some rumors of data breaches caused panic among users. However, Appvalley responded to the claims with an official statement:

According imymac.com, links to sites that were created before February 10, 2019 are not safe for use. These can also be links from the original domain. Players would do well to exercise caution when clicking on Appvalley links. There is a new URL for Appvalley that is much more secure to use. However, the only difference between the old and new URL is a hyphen that can be easily overlooked. In the end, there is no sure way to determine if the application is 100% secure. There are a number of applications that offer lucrative opportunities to gamers, but they are not always safe. It is up to the discretion of the player to decide if they want to use the application. Sites like Free Fire Skin.In, Graminity.Com, and Garena Free Fire 45 GA Skin Generator promise free rewards and content, but are often a minefield for data theft. If you are missing Fortnite and would like to create your own Fortnite skin, you can also visit Create Fortnite Skins.Com which is a safe and fun site.

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